You have heard it said, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” but I tell you, that is a highly subjective statement.  If you ask me, it’s finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Lubbock, Texas almost a month late, but no one says that.

Feel me?

Yeah.  It’s cold by nearly everyone’s standard – everyone around here anyway.  If I find a lost Alaskan, I might get a different opinion, but most of the locals around here are really complaining today.  The news girl and the weather girl engage in endless chit-chat about it, and the weather report is filled with banter about “wind chill” and what it “feels like out there.”

Last evening, in advance of the deep freeze, the weatherman told us to be sure and bring in potted plants, pets, and turn off automatic sprinkler systems.  He didn’t mention bringing in the homeless.


Lubbock is a “Christian” town too.  We are about as “Christian” as it gets.  But human beings didn’t make the to do list ahead of the cold.

I am blown away by all the expense and chit-chat and pointless energy devoted to calculating “wind chill” where some clown with airtime dares to tell me what it “feels like” when the wind blows.  And she picks a single number to settle on, broadcasts it to the whole community, and I think to myself it’s got to “feel” different to everyone!

Ever reset the thermostat at the office, church, or even home?

Every time, one person is too cold while someone else is too hot.  You can always put more on, but around the office we reach a point where there’s only so much you can take off!  (Does this debate sound familiar to any of you “Christians” reading here?)

And the broadcaster tells this to people who mostly spend only ten minutes total all day long in the wind chill!  Seriously, just how much do you suffer between the door of the house and the car, between the car and the office door?  Especially if you have a coat on???

I suggest we recalculate wind chill.

I don’t deny there is a phenom there; I get it.  When the ambient temp drops, a breeze makes it feel cooler, a gust of strong wind compounds it.  But you can’t calculate the temp it “feels like” to me alone, and if you did, it wouldn’t be the correct calculation of the rest of the people in my office!

But the fact it’s cold, the fact that you know it’s cold, the fact that you know it’s colder than usual and causes extra suffering all coupled to the theory that you are “Christian” suggests that we calculate (based on these data points) that it’s time to bring in the homeless too.

Love warms cold people.


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