The thing is this:  I have this thing with which you can do this thing.  But first you have to make the thing before you can use the thing or share the thing with others.

And well, anyway, the thing I got ain’t some kind of a kit or nothin’.  However, there are certain things that go into this thing, without which, it’s nothing, literally No-Thing.  This means there are important things required for this thing to be the thing it’s meant to be.

But that doesn’t mean you have to yield to every convention.  You can still be quite creative with this thing, and in a sense, the sky’s the limit.  If you can imagine it, the thing should work – in theory.  But maybe that’s the rub too.  If YOU can imagine it, then I have a thing.  Meanwhile, I am stumped about somethings.

So, anyway, I have this thing, and except for the things inhibiting my thing, I am pretty excited about the thing.  Don’t want to exactly unveil the thing prematurely, but it is a real thing, almost.  And in the meantime, just talking about the thing with you like this helps me figure things out.

So, thanx for listening.

One comment

  1. harolene · February 19

    Okay I’m curious now ❓‼️😇


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