(CLAIMER: First things first here: Jesus is Lord not Donald Trump.  I need that on the record, and I am willing to die saying it.)

I really wanted to write a post dealing with race and racism as a white man.  I will shelve that for now because MTG hit me with fresh offensive headlines yesterday that need to be addressed.  Yes, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is known primarily as a humble, Jesus-loving, devotee of a crucified savior, thinks that the church (Catholic Church to be specific at that level) is not only out of line for helping needy immigrants, but specifically out of line for using federal money in the process, but even more she wants to insult and/or defame the church as an instrument of Satan.

Yeah.  She put religion and state together in the most heinous way, set herself up as judge, and didn’t stop until she attributed church work to Satan.

That is so boldly caustic and inexcusable as to need addressed.

Now… I don’t wish to be one more offended voice in the cacophony of contemporary politics, nor do I wish to be a hater.  I don’t want to be a liberal either, but my seat among conservatives has been taken, leaving me nowhere to sit among them (and maybe that is a good thing in the grand scheme too).

No, I don’t wish to push the political football down the field for either side or to slaughter a politician for doing what we vote them in to do.

Instead, I want to piggyback off her comment and ask you, dear reader, to THINK it through carefully.

“A house divided cannot stand.” -Jesus

A church reaching out in loving ministry to poor, needy, marginalized people in the name of Jesus simply cannot be from Satan.  On the contrary, the passage where we find Jesus saying this line is a scene where his political accusers claim he too is from Beelzebul.  (Yeah, MTG, it’s been tried before, and look out because THIS is the “unforgivable sin” you are flirting with.)

We are talking now, not so much about offensive language, and certainly not about American politics (certainly not in some shallow, surface level).  Instead, we are talking about a divided house.  The house of God.

I will leave it to YOU, dear reader, to make the connections.  Ask in a comment, if you need to do so.  But if you want to talk about Satan’s church, then explain “Cowboy church” to me.

I am a Catholic.  I am not taking some personal offense to MTG because she picks on Catholics.  For that matter, I am not a “good” Catholic.  I come from a different faith heritage, actually.  But I am certified Catholic as part of my personal effort to find UNITY in the house of God.

As far as my personal taste for these things goes, I LIKE Methodists – even those liberals who get all gooey about LGBTXYZ!  They taste better in my mouth.  But my heritage never was part of that one.  We broke with the Christian Church who broke with Presbyterians.  My faith family tree descends through other branches than Methodist.  But nearly all of us can trace our way back to Catholic, and I did not want to merely run off and join something I LIKEd, but rather to be a part of healing the breach my fathers and grandfathers helped create.

Let us undivide the house!

Let us love immigrants and homeless and sojourners like God outlines in the Bible and not call it Satan’s work.  Let us get at the same communion, the same Jesus, and claim the LOVE of God which our world needs far more than it needs even one single Republican.

Somebody leave me the AMEN.


  1. laceduplutheran · April 30

    I think there are several elected officials, including the one you mention, who are actually more interested in being celebrities rather than legislators. That’s the only way I can reason their actions and statements. Celebrities make controversial statements for the sole purpose of having the spotlight put onto them. Attention is their currency. And the best way to get attention is by saying or doing something more controversial. The problem though is that you, like any drug (which attention is ultimately), you have to keep going deeper, saying more outrageous stuff, or else you won’t get the drug you are addicted to.

    Legislating on the other hand is a process which involves listening, making compromises, learning, critical thinking, building coalitions of the willing, and having a vision for something better for people. Yes, that’s the ideal anyway. There’s plenty of terrible legislating going on which does the opposite of all of that.

    The core of what this is all about is empire building, in the Biblical sense. It’s about power and control. All empires need scapegoats in order to exist. Tomorrow I’m preaching on Revelation and talking about the empires vs. the Kingdom of God. I’m looking forward to it actually because it’s a message of Good News. We need to be freed from empires of all sorts – those things that seek to dehumanize and hold people in bondage.

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    • Agent X · April 30

      The insight you make about getting attention vs legislating… Dan Crenshaw said that a while back. He is a very interesting representative, respectful, sober minded. A good guy even if I sometimes don’t agree with him. I appreciate this about him.

      Did you see how he handled being heckled by Pete Davidson on SNL a couple years back?

      I was especially impressed with that. Davidson, who is a funny guy, was way out of line making fun of this war hero and his eye patch (war wound, btw). Crenshaw came on SNL to confront Davidson with humor. Roasted Davidson big time, yet with respect. I felt like he helped Davidson actually save face while accepting humility in that. A very delicate, fine line, but Crenshaw mastered it imaginatively. Certainly got my respect.

      In the end, the garbage MTG (and others) are doing now have become the new legislation process. Despite Crenshaw’s wise insight, this is how we do it now. It won’t last. It can’t be sustained. It either will die its own death or will kill the process.

      But MTG chose to slander the church.

      Now this is where I could ALMOST be strange bedfellows, for certainly I challenge the church at every turn and express great consternation there. In fact, I too think the devil is behind the problems!

      However, I have yet to conclude the church is of Satan. And anyway, the “issue” she chose to take it there with is exactly the opposite of my position. THe church is doing God’s work in exactly the thing she complains about.

      The only caveat I can give her is the part about federal taxed money. Should the church be using THAT? Well, that is debatable, I think, but in no way makes the church the hand of Satan. Her words come very near blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

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      • laceduplutheran · April 30

        Someone recently used the word “Tares” in the comments to one of my posts and I had to admit I wasn’t familiar with it, so I asked the person. They cited some Scripture that pointed out the tares and the wheat. Tares are those in the church that are like wolves in sheep clothing. I don’t know if the representative from GA is a tare or not – if she is, she’s pretty bad at it based on what I see and how she makes it so obvious.

        I agree with your assessment of Rep. Crenshaw. A respectable human being. I may not agree with him on things, but I would much rather have someone like that as an elected official because he is a decent human being. It’s kind of similar to my thoughts on Biden. Whether I agree with him or not on issues is secondary to the fact that the man is a decent human being.

        The last few years have caused me to shift in so many ways. My politics doesn’t fit a nice simple liberal/conservative narrative. My first concern with voting is this – am I voting for a decent human being? The issues become secondary because the core of a person will dictate how they handle difficult issues. If they are a decent human being, there’s a better chance that they will promote better legislation (even if it’s legislation I don’t agree with), and try to stop destructive legislation.


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