Allow me to simplify this post, which otherwise quickly becomes overly cumbersome if I don’t iron this point out up front:

***This post is NOT ABOUT the issues discussed in it (though there is insight to be had from them in their own rite).***

The point here IS ABOUT being heard – gaining a listening ear.  THAT is the point.  Please don’t lose that in the following, otherwise there will be all manner of loose ends when it is done.

This “prophet” (blogger, street minister, reporter of God’s wonders) goes continually marginalized year after year.  At this point, I am basically just thoroughly ignored.  I have not got in anyone’s hostile face about matters discussed here in about four years.  (Remember when it was my “tone” being rejected?)  The dust has pretty much settled.

However, the blog continues, and I have a small readership who has been with me through the duration.  Of those readers, I have witnesses who can testify (even if only vaguely) that I have not shut up about the church’s door slammed in the face of the homeless.  But this blog is about the only place for that message now, and all the potential dialog I might have had with the church is quietly fizzled out since it is so easy just to change the channel.

And yet this weekend, MOTHER’S DAY no less, when half the nation is in an uproar over the right to kill our babies, there is fresh talk of protesting out front of, or even inside of, church buildings during worship.  Somehow the church is viewed as behind this issue, and those taking issue with the church want to be heard.

Wow!  I don’t share the opinion on this issue, but I have spent over a decade banging on that door!

It occurs to me that if I had been gay, I would have not only got a hearing, but the church would have accommodated my plea long ago.  In fact, Vandelia Church, where I was a member a decade back, where my street ministry took off and began taking on prophetic shape, split several years ago, decimating the membership there because of the eagerness there to welcome and affirm homosexuality – in the leadership!

I come knocking, asking that we open the door to the poor, and I am run out on a rail!

(And I find myself thinking this stuff and suddenly realizing this is just how conservatives “discuss” issues.  Liberals turn the argument into a joke to make sport of conservatives, but conservatives apply the same rhetoric to more obscure moral issues trying to demonstrate inconsistency or immorality.)

Yeah.  I should have been gay.  I would be collecting a pay check from the church if I had.

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  1. harolene · 20 Days Ago

    Yeppers that’s a fact ‼️


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