Once upon a time, there was a church of Christ with a handful of very forward thinking and outspoken members who yearned for installing a piano with which to worship in the assembly.  Of course, that set off a firestorm that no one could put out.  The arguing went back and forth for years on the issue until one Sunday morning the flock arrived, surprised to find a beautiful Steinway Grand Piano just sitting there.

No one knew who put it there, when or how, and no one dared touch it.  And so, it sat there quietly, just as pretty as could be, as the church worshipped as usual that Sunday.

Then the very next Sunday when the flock returned, to everyone’s astonishment the piano was gone.  Just like it had mysteriously appeared, it now had vanished.  No one had a clue where it went.

Over the years, people talked about it.  Some were glad to see it appear and sad to see it gone.  Others were glad it was gone and hated that it had ever appeared.  But one question they all shared: Where did it go?

For years it remained a mystery until finally a plumber was called in for repairs and drained the baptistry.

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