It’s not the love of Christ, but it is the only “love” I ever heard of where you love the person you shoot.

(Murder-suicides!  Man, if they were just Suicide-murders instead, the carnage gets cut in half – sometimes more…  Still not good, but better than worst!)

I am troubled in my soul when Christians, when “the church,” can’t think past our own guns.

Guns are POWER.

That is what makes them so attractive.

And the three gods of modernity are Money (Mammon), Sex (Aphrodite), and Power (Mars) – thanx N.T. Wright.

We tell ourselves and our in-group people we need this power for self-protection.  It sounds so noble when put like that.  But when you unveil the apocalypse and reveal, apocalyptically, the truth behind it, there is a worship problem here.  And the church needs to address THAT.  THAT is church business to the core.

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