I recently connected with Pam, a fellow, Jesus-loving blogger in Canada, and after following her blog a while, it occurs to me she is a resource I might from which I might benefit.

Pam, I wonder what take away YOU would have for ME after a study of Joshua 6, the children of Israel blowing trumpet/horns at the falling walls of Jericho.  The extensive attention you give to important Hebrew words sometimes inspires me, and I think your attention to this might really be of help for me.

IF you read this AND if you post on it, I will be reading.



  1. StainedbytheSpirit · 9 Days Ago

    Ah the walls coming down……It has to do with the number of times they go around and what happens….You see a wall is a veil and that veil when it comes down reveals someone. It has to do with a foreshadow of the Revelation of JESUS. When the veil of the LAW is removed the blind will see……6 times 7 is 42. You see there are exactly 41 generations from David to JESUS and we are the last, the 42nd. We are the generation that shall not pass until all is fulfilled. JESUS is in all men. Seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven vials, seven angels, seven thunders. SIX times SEVEN is 42….It tears away the veil on the heart and JESUS is there. The word Jericho means “a moon” and a moon is a new renewal, a refreshing. GOD says I have delivered renewal into your hands! Everything in the city was consumed, just like all our sin, our flesh so often prevents us from being what we truly are. We are Spirit but we see through a glass dimly. Our flesh so often gets in the way. But you see Rahab the harlot is spared. The names relates back to a root word for wide and broad and for clay given to the potter to be moulded, what is to to be saved.

    Cursed is the one who tries to rebuild Jericho. Why is this? Because GOD is the only builder. Once the veil of the LAW is gone the new heart is there with the HOLY SPIRIT guiding us. We don’t need to please GOD out of fear of punishment. Love has cast out fear. If we look at GOD in this way, we are still looking at GOD the way the Jews did when they came out of Egypt, like a task master. This is not only fear but pride as well. Fear of punishment if you don’t please GOD, and ego if think you do. Through the SPIRIT working through us, all the glory goes to GOD, as it should be. If we try to go back in our own strength and build we are saying well JESUS we don’t need you or your sacrifice or your HOLY SPIRIT. We can build ourselves. That is going back to the LAW. That means self sufficiency and slavery. We cannot save ourselves. JESUS is the CHIEF CORNESTONE. There is nothing, no foundation without HIM. That is the best way I can explain it.

    I hope this makes sense….I know this may not be a tradition way of looking at things. GOD BLESS and you guys are always in my prayers!

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    • Agent X · 9 Days Ago

      I love it. Thanx, Pam. I need to sit with this. I probably will have some questions over time. Keep your eye on this post for further discussions.

      God bless you, and thanx for your prayers. I need them!

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      • StainedbytheSpirit · 9 Days Ago

        Sure thing…I don’t have a perfect understanding for sure but that is the best I can give you for now…I keep learning every day myself…

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      • Agent X · 9 Days Ago


        I’ve been writing a book for a couple years now and this passage is an important footnote to my overarching thesis. I recently sensed there is more to this passage than I have seen (which is pretty much true of all of them). I need to meditate here more, especially as I use this passage to help develop other ideas.

        Then I thought of you. I sensed God wants me to ask you for your thoughts. And honestly, feel free to come back here and add to it whenever you think fresh thoughts on it.

        Again, THANX so much. I figure together we will see things we were not likely to alone.

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      • StainedbytheSpirit · 9 Days Ago

        Alone is never good [Agent X], and it helps much to flush things out. That i the way GOD wants it. HE never gives everything to one person. We are meant to share and connect. That is the way the HOLY SPIRIT works. Not only in Spiritual things but in the natural as well….GOD BLESS


    • Agent X · 8 Days Ago


      At the moment, I am sitting with your response. Sitting. Listening. Caring. Waiting…. Respecting, and submitting.

      No doubt there is clutter in my viewer of various kinds. I have such experiences in my past, and I expect this will be LIKE some of them.

      I am trying to be open to possibilities – and I expect some things will “click” after a fashion.

      I was hoping for this when I reached out to you.

      Of course, even such expectation means I am already not as open to as much possibility as perhaps I should be. But, with humility and care, and maybe a little TIME, I am sure God will speak to me, and I trust he will do so through you.

      Thanx for this.

      So… at the moment, as I sit…

      Here is what is resonating…. Yet I still am not settled on some new conclusions.

      You said the walls are a veil. A veil torn resonates quite loudly in my Christian imagination. You said Jericho mean MOON. And the way your phrased it: God …[has] delivered renewal into your hands.

      I’m totally “jellin'” with this.

      I purposely did NOT lay out my own expectations to you when I asked for your insight because I did not want to overly influence you with MY OWN clutter. These are fresh insights that nonetheless resonate with the insights I was coming at this with, and yet yours are fresh.

      That is just my take SO FAR.

      I am still listening to your response and asking God to open me up to his will in it.

      Thanx for this. Thanx again.

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      • StainedbytheSpirit · 8 Days Ago

        Your welcomed….you know it took me a long time to look at the Bible and the Book of Revelation in a Spiritual way Agent X…..all the symbols mean something…..you see if we look at GOD like a Pharaoh we will see ourselves as slaves that need to please that Pharaoh. We are not slaves and GOD is love. HE does not want us to live in a way that we only work from a place of fear. That IS slavery. GOD is not a slave driver. Western Christianity has positioned itself in a way that says if you don’t please that Pharaoh you are going to hell. That puts us in a position where we aim to please out of fear not out of love. If we don’t do this, if we don’t pray this many times, if we dont give this much, if we dont fast this many days then GOD will dislike us and we are terrible terrible and we are gonna burn. Now the opposite is quite true as well. If we do fast this many times, if we give this much money, go to church every Sunday, well now we are so good and GOD is gonna love us that much more and there is the pride, the ego. So we are in a bit of a spot!

        This is all about doing and trying to keep the Law. It will always be our downfall. We can’t keep it. There is a difference between the dead letter of the LAW and the SPIRIT of it. The Spirit of the Law comes from JESUS within us, working from inside of us. It is humility and pure and seeks nothing for itself and can see JESUS in others and can look past the flesh of a person and see JESUS in there. This is not always easy because the flesh makes it so difficult sometimes. It makes it so hard to forgive all the vileness that is in it. But you can ask GOD to help you. To help reveal JESUS in people. To break the seals off their hearts, to blow the trumpets and pour the vials so that HE can become visible. When I think of all the sins I have committed I am in no position not to forgive. I cannot judge because JESUS died for every sinner. If GOD can forgive, who am I not to! I cannot say I love GOD, and not be able to forgive. This is not easy Agent X. But love, the kind of love that GOD asks for is patient, and kind, and does not boast, and most of all is long suffering because GOD does not want to loose even one.

        You know every Father’s Day I buy a card for GOD. I read that card and I thank HIM for being such a loving, good FATHER. It might sound a bit strange but my heart longs for HIM, so I do little things like that. And so I want that for people. I want them to long for HIM. And so when I sin or see the injustices of the world and get angry I take out those cards and remember. Our FATHER is love.

        And to you Happy Father Day! GOD BLESS you and your family!


  2. Tim McGee · 9 Days Ago

    Thanks for pointing me to https://stainedbythespirit.wordpress.com/ X. Great blog. Following.

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    • Agent X · 9 Days Ago

      Fantastic! So glad to share the blessings….


  3. StainedbytheSpirit · 9 Days Ago

    I wanted to mention as well Agent X that there were 42 stops on the way to the Promised Land. They are listed below Raamses, Sukkoth, Etham, Pi-Hahiroth, Marah, Elim, By the Red Sea, Sin Wilderness, Dophkah, Alush, Rephidim, Sinai Wilderness, Kibroth-Hattaavah, Hazeroth, Rithmah
    Rimmon-Perez, Libnah, Rissah, Kehelathah, Mount Shapher, Haradah, Makheloth, Tahath, Terah,
    Mithcah, Hashmonah, Moseroth, Bene-Jaakan, Hor Haggidgad, Jotbathah, Abronah, Ezion-Geber
    Kadesh, Mount Hor, Zalmonah, Punon, Oboth, Iye Abarim, Dibon Gad, Almon Diblathaim, Abarim Mountains, Plains of Moab. GOD BLESS!


  4. Agent X · 6 Days Ago

    Alright Pam, here’s what I am looking at/for (this can be a bit overly subjective – I am thinking about worship.

    The children of Israel come to Jericho facing an enemy they have a long history of fearing. God will conquer the giants before them, but they need to trust him. He assigns tasks! The tasks are not like any battle strategy they teach at West Point. March, blow horns, shout. That could count as liturgy in some churches. How about Joshua 6?

    Do you see this too? Or am I just nuts?


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