I’m not Baptist, but I am with Kevin Smith on this one!  Preach it brutha!  Amen!!!

see the link for what it’s all about

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  1. Agent X · 6 Days Ago

    (Disclaimer: I am neither black nor Baptist.)

    I did NOT vote for Obama. Keep that in mind, here. But I did admire him. I was more a McCain man, personally, but I didn’t think Obama was a loser by any stretch. Except for Sarah Palin, I thought we had two good choices to work with that time, but I preferred McCain.

    But then Obama won. And I was in the drug store one day and saw a commemorative ball cap with the Obama insignia and his name. I was moved by the fact we had a black president, and I wanted to share the love. I bought the hat.

    Then I visited relatives shortly after that, and I showed up wearing the hat. And for the first time, I realized I was getting a cold shoulder from people I was always super close with before. It took me a while to realize it, to put it all together because nothing overt was said TO me. But the hate for Obama and the dread of him was so thick in my family, that I felt the trickle down impact on my relationship with them.

    I have noted the same thing at church.

    Church of all places! Wow! WE have gone a-whoring after Trump, alright. We have. It ain’t just Baptists.

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