I am so glad the child was not aborted.  Aren’t you?

It’s a small victory from a small battle, but for that little human life, it’s everything.  And I am grateful for him.  (Even though I am the one stuck with the mess!)

I want to take a moment on this momentous day to celebrate the little life of that (almost) two-year-old who brightens up my life with his.  (I wish you could see his smile!)  I enjoy saying “Godzilla” to him and he growls back at me.  We are friends.  He is now my kid after going to court and getting permission to make him mine.

He is happy and getting healthy (though he started out with birth defects due to his mother’s drug addiction and a father no one knows).  His whole life is a redemption.  He lives and thrives with Mrs. Agent X and me because of Jesus in our life.  (Oh, and I am far from perfect.  It’s not like he has a good Pops trained by the best.  Not at all.  It’s more like a very broken person seeking healing decided sacrificially to share some of the healing with a fellow needy person, and I surely hope I don’t damage him with my damage more than he already is!)

And so, our little victory is still a struggle in progress.

But we celebrate it with Godzilla growls and other routines.

I am so glad he was not aborted.

Aren’t you?


But there is a lot of fighting and gloating going on “out there” today.  There is this other BIG “VICTORY” being celebrated out there today.  A “victory” being protested by the masses.  And I want to be clear about this: I in no way support “abortion” rights for almost any reason.  I would consent to it in those rare cases where it saves the mother’s life, but really… not in any other cases.  Certainly not to suit some consumerist whims.  In fact, I am shocked at the hard heartedness that entertains such possibilities and demands them as rights.

I am, or attempt to be, a Jesus kind of person.  If it were not for Jesus, I probably would not feel strongly about this issue and probably would not know the joy of Godzilla growling with one plucked from hell’s fires.

But as a Jesus kind of person, I really must note two things about our “big victory” which are very un-Jesus-like: 1) Jesus never protested abortion, and 2) He instructs his disciples that we will not “lord it over” others like the Gentiles.

Jesus knew about abortion.  It tended to be a little different in his day.  Instead of butchering unborn babies in the womb, an unwanted pregnancy was discarded in the desert wilderness after a complete birth.  That’s right.  In his day, most abortions weren’t even “partial birth” abortions, but were “all the way birth” abortions (indisputably murder), and yet Jesus never protested it, preached against it, or even told his disciples to try to save as many as they can.

There is a deafening silence there as far as Jesus is concerned.

I do not take from that the notion that abortion is okay with him.  Not at all.  But I certainly find the kinds of tactics we put in place to change it are in no way congruent with his.

And that brings me to the second thought.

There are plenty of powerful “reasons” for abortion and abortion rights.  I don’t happen to believe they are good enough to justify it, but they are powerful reasons which anyone who loves others would surely want to address.  Those reasons will not be addressed by “lording it over” others, and yet that is exactly what we have going right now.  We have a few people in positions of power lording it over others, and largely in the name of Jesus no less.

But that only gives Jesus a bad name.  That is the main thing achieved by this.

I sure hope some lives are saved.  I believe that is so very important.  But I also hope those saved lives are celebrated, wanted, loved, and esteemed.  You can’t do that lording it over others.  And until we get that right, we will not be fit for the biggest VICTORY of the Age to Come.

I sure hope we can find a better path forward than the one we have tearing our world apart now.  I sure hope Jesus-kinds of people will not gloat, but humble themselves and present his name in a loving light.  The cost of offending people with his name taken in vain is not really any kind of victory at all, but a huge loss, one you might not see for a long time, but will come back to visit in the most terrible ways.

God bless America!

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  1. HAT · June 25

    Could not agree more, X. I’m beyond grateful that our daughter was born, and found on the bridge where her mother left her with a bag of formula and a note that gave her birth date, and that we were able to adopt her. But … but … but … we are supposed to love our own neighbors. Not be content with forcing others who aren’t us to love theirs.

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