Speaking AS A CHRISTIAN, an American Christian, I just want to say first off, I’m mad as hell!

They took prayer out of our school, aborted our babies, took LSD trips, and tried to take our guns!

I’m mad as hell!

Oh, yeah.  I’m thinking clearly.  Anybody as mad as hell as I am can plainly see the truth of it.

Oops.  Pardon that Ivermectin fart.

Jesus died wrapped in “old Glory.”  That’s what it means when it says he was “glorified.”  And you’re damn right.  If he’d had an M-16 for every disciple, there wouldn’t be no masks in schools today, chipping away at our freedom.

Hell, yeah!  I’m mad as hell.  It’s my Christian duty to be mad as hell.

This mess all started when they took away our right to pray in school, as I was trying to say before you rudely interrupted me.

Wait, what?

Who’s “they,” you say???

Well, the communists, of course.

Okay, okay.  Yes, there is some discrepancy there, I get it.

Look.  Just check it out from Q.  Then you will understand.  It’s all just as plain as the nose on your media lovin’ face.  The Communists were just a media hoax.  I get it.  But they put the “they” in THEY.  Okay?

And anyway, I’m mad as hell!

We got rights!  Damn it!  You hear me?  RIGHTS!!!

Uhhh hmmm…. No… No, you are putting words in my mouth now, you terrorist!  You don’t have the right to have an abortion!  God said no to that one.

But he said yes to guns!

Hell, yeah!  I’m mad as hell!  Those liberals and the media just keep coming for your kids.

No!  Shut up.  I’m talking.

And I’m mad as hell!

You’re damn right that teacher should have been armed!  She should have passed out weapons to the class before the pledge of allegiance.  Then you’d see what happens to a bad guy with a gun!

Strip fourth graders of their second amendment rights and see what happens?

I’m mad as hell about it!

Jesus would have shot that bad guy from his cross if he’d had a second-amendment-protected assault rifle!  That’s what’s wrong with this world today!  And I’m mad as hell!

Hell yeah, I am gonna vote!


  1. harolene · June 26

    Preach it brother! If they had the Love that God prescribed it would all be a mute point. No killings in school or in operating suites. But God showed love and mercy and many miracles to His chosen and yet they continued to worship the golden calf (so to speak). God is love… what happened to us??? You have every right to be mad as all hell and I’m right there with you 🙏♥️😇


  2. Steven · June 26

    As the totally not blasphemous t-shirt says, JesUSAves!


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