Okay.  Look.  We ain’t stupid.  That’s just a media hoax.

The voting test is not spelled “IQ” – that’s somethin’ else entirely.  Not sure what that is, but it’s right in there with Pie Are Square and some fancy college talk.

No.  It’s I…Q.  You gotta put the little dot, dot, dot in there to get it right.

Here’s how it wurx.  You show up to vote with your three forms of ID, an electric bill (or something with your current address on it, and a pint of blood in case armed conflict breaks out, and you say “I READ Q.”  Then you pass the test.  Then you vote.

All them suckers who can’t read Q don’t pass, and they don’t get to vote.

The reason it’s shorted to I…Q in regular parlance is due to the fact of “The R-word.”  Some politically correct “people” insist we don’t use “The R-word,” but I ain’t skeered.  I’ll just come right out and say it to your hostile, inbred face.  I don’t have no reason to whisper it behind your double-wide back.  This is Amerika, Damn it.

And… Jesus saves!  You know it because is says so right in the constitution.

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