Dear Catalytic Convertor Thieves

Wow! Here’s a post that challenges me today. Inspiration, but inspiration that wrestles angels. I want to promote this kind of attitude and action. Thanx Pedro.

The Roofless Church

Dear Catalytic Converter Thief,

When I started my car and heard the engine growl at me like I had done something to offend it, I never suspected that someone had crawled underneath it with a hacksaw and gutted a piece of my vehicle. In fact, at first I thought the sound was because I had left the car sitting still too long while I was away. But, when the sound didn’t go away, I assumed I somehow got a hole in my muffler. So, I was going to do a quick fix and slap some muffler tape under there until I could get to a mechanic. Then imagine my surprise when I saw the jagged mutilated remains of my exhaust system and realized I had you to thank for this situation.

I’m not going to lie, I was initially disappointed in you. I thought about how someone tried to break…

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