You know that Bible verse that says, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and make him go away” (2nd Opinions 11)?

Well, first off, it’s not in the Bible, secondly, it’s not biblical.  But it sure is a popular bit of worldly wisdom in Christian ministry, outreach circles these days.

Well, if you adopt a bunch of foster kids in diapers, there eventually comes a day when you take them fishing.  Here at the Fat Beggars Home for Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners, today is that day!  Today our six and four-year-olds are invited to a party at the lake where fishing is the theme.

I don’t yet know if we will hook any fish, but it’s clear already that the fish have hooked a couple of kids!  

We are making some of those foundational family memories today that a little kid can take with them for life.  I am praying we have a good time, maybe catch a few fish, and bond in this family fun activity.  I’m hoping the experience won’t make my kids independent of me (though learning self-reliant skills they can pass on would be good), but rather, I hope they learn what love is, how to receive it and give it, and pass it on to others over the course of their lives as they celebrate life with us.


  1. Tim McGee · 19 Days Ago

    So much is written in all 44 of the Books of Opinions!

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  2. harolene · 18 Days Ago

    I want a set of those, of course you can get all the versions from most any prayer group member. One of them informed me that the Bible says you can know the end of days when the summer and winter weather become almost the same. Of course being the good PK I was raised to be I didn’t say a word … the one telling me was also a PK … maybe they had a version of the Good Book I missed??


  3. Agent X · 18 Days Ago

    We had a great time. My kids are so easily enthused about the IDEA of fishing, but with the kinds of challenges we have to things like patience, to focus, deliberations… You know… attention deficits…. I really had my doubts.

    It was a challenge. I can’t deny that. BUT

    But right out the gate, within the first ten minutes of fishing, my five year old caught a toy. I’m not kidding. He snagged some little toy that looked like it probably came out of a McDonalds Happy Meal Overjoyed, he wanted to do that some more. BUT the real kicker was about half an hour later his little sister snagged a tiny fish. I’m not kidding; it was a baby fish. Not hooked in the mouth at all, but snagged through the side with the hook. But it was a fish! And it flipped and flopped around on the end of her line like a cat toy!

    Oh boy!

    The instant I was able to snap a picture, she pulled the ultimate girl power play. She pronounced it a “SISTER FISH!”

    After that, her brother found focus like I never saw in him before. Between the FAS and possible autism we have long struggled with and medicated, suddenly this boy locked in on fishing. For the next two hours we could hardly drag him away from the water’s edge.

    He still lacked the capacity to actually sit and watch a bobber on the water, but he kept casting and reeling over and over and over. He got pretty good at casting, actually. Developed some skill! (It’s not the first time I have seen his baby sister provoke newfound discipline in him, but probably the most effective.)

    We didn’t catch anything else all day, but we got pictures, made memories, and it seems we bonded on a new fun thang.


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