Sometimes I really wonder where Pastorbates was, because he surely shows little sign he was there, awake, listening and taking notes.

How else do you explain the incredible betrayal of Jesus and everything God ever said at such systemic proportions and on nearly every level of the church today?

They really do TEACH Bible to students in the academy.  It’s an amazing experience to learn of all the mysteries of the kingdom of God.  Prayer, sacraments, faith, hope, love, suffering, joy, peace the world does not understand, creation and resurrection.  All that is amazing stuff, and there’s more!

But even in school, they sell this information to you at prices requiring loans with compound interest, and they train ministers to go out a make a buck as professionals serving the bottom line as chaplains of empire in order to pay it back.

You will sooner find yourself attending fine banquets in great halls of learning or resort hotels, rubbing elbows with politicians and professionals, occasionally giving lip service to miracles, but always building financially for more glorious retirement and tenure.

They will teach you about Jubilee and debt forgiveness, but they will not forgive you the debt you incur to learn about it.  They will teach you to build a financial empire, but you will never be challenged to confront powers and principalities that might land you in jail.  And though the Bible is full of prophets and preachers in jail and prison FOR SERVING GOD, you can’t hardly find one today in there (except in the rare cases their attorney could not keep them out after molesting the children).


Aren’t you glad we aren’t Methodists?*






*(Disclaimer: I love Methodists!  I pull the name of this denomination out of a hat.  Plug in whatever name you love or hate.  Makes no difference to me.  The point is not to harangue Methodists, per se, but all of the splintered church that finds whatever reason to be in love with someone less that the God who unites.)

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  1. laceduplutheran · 16 Days Ago

    Ah, the church as institution. Institutions exist to protect themselves. They do this by resisting anything that would challenge the status quo and implement any change or transformation. While we are busy proclaiming life, death, and resurrection, our architecture clearly shows what we actually believe. Talk about relief of debt and you will get ample number of Christians who will shout you down because if debt can be relieved, then how will it be that God doesn’t owe me for what I’ve done. and How can we maintain the economy from which I benefit from. And how can there be control of people unless we have them in debt. This is a time when prophets are needed to speak up. But prophets much walk into the mess with eyes wide open knowing the cost that they will pay for proclaiming and living the truth that will upset the very people who supposedly should be the greatest supporters. instead the prophet will be met with a stab in the back by supporters and a welcome hand by those deemed outsiders, heretics, atheists, and more.


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