If AS A CHRISTIAN you must engage in the politics of our country, and if you think that means you must stand with Republicans (and conservatives), and IF you do these things…


…take the lead and FORGIVE a Democrat.

Jesus is Lord.

This is the most fundamental thing in life.  Jesus is Lord, not Trump, not Hillary, not Obama, not Bush, not Reagan, not Abraham Lincoln, and not George Washington.

Just Jesus.

As a Christian, this is everything!  Jesus is Lord, and our Lord forgives.

So, “Church,” if you really must be in politics, FORGIVE!

I’m not against being political.  Forgiveness is a political thing.  Just look at President Biden forgiving debt right now!  This is a political move, a political gesture.  Some people claim he is “buying votes” with it.  I can’t argue otherwise.  In fact, I can only ask why the “Church” didn’t think of it first!


It’s not the only political thing you can do, but it is one of the fundamental things as a Christian you absolutely MUST do.

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