First off, I don’t know EVERYTHING.  I humbly offer that and note that some of what I say in this post I MIGHT want to amend later.

Secondly, I do know a lot; I ain’t stupid, and I trust Jesus.  The parts where I trust Jesus are solid, and I think instructive.

Thirdly, I did not get the chance to listen to President Biden’s speech last night, not in entirety, and the bits I heard were edited by less than unbiased sources.

Fourthly, there is a very real sense in which this post does the very thing it complains about, however, I ask you to carefully consider if it doesn’t punch through the other side of the muddy grave and lead to the light.  (Maybe not but expect to be offended no matter who you are, as you open ears that hear and find truth and hope such that the offense is dispensed with at the end.)


With those caveats, allow me to pick apart our political situation in this nation today.

I appreciate President Biden’s delicate position.  Furthermore, I appreciate his attempt at being even-handed.  He most definitely is a Democrat, but he has a long record of respecting Republicans, compromising, and is on record as seeking “bipartisanship” in our current political environment.  These are very respectable observations which the MAGA people he criticizes are too busy denouncing to appreciate.

That’s too bad for all of us.

Biden is right about the destructiveness he sees in his opposition.  MAGA Republican’ts are not giving him a fair shake.  They are out of their ever-loving minds supporting Donald Trump, who should bea mere footnote in history as a dumb joke except for the seriousness with which the media and the voting public take him.  Just watch SNL to see what I mean.  Dumb joke is putting it nicely.


This doesn’t mean President Biden speaks for Jesus or for the TRUTH that sets us free.  Biden, a devout Christian man, really needs to turn to Jesus and call this supposedly “Christian nation” to do the same.  What prevents him doing it?  Some lesser Demoncrat agenda???

Anyone for whom Jesus is in fact Lord must take this leader’s position seriously, and I think it is the one thing, at least according to rhetoric, both Biden and MAGA Republican’ts have in common.  It is the one thing that matters anyway, but for political reasons is set aside both one way AND the other.

President Biden is correct in practically all of his observations, as I see it.  However, he is groping in the dark.  He finds one or two things of substance and treats them like they have the power to unlock all our problems.  He thinks he can somehow REASON with MAGA Republican’ts, or at least with “mainstream” Republicans and thereby hammer out solutions.

He’s putting his faith in REASON, not Jesus.  In “Democracy,” not Jesus.  In tolerance, not LOVE.

I really hate to sell reason short, but reasonableness is only as good as the reason and the reasonableness of people you talk to.  It’s only as good as the FAITH, the TRUST, they find between them.

Where was Jesus in his speech?  Did Jesus get so much as honorable mention?  The MAGA mob that attacked the capitol on January 6 showed up with “Jesus” emblazoned on banners, hats, and shirts.  They took the name with them, in vain, but they took it.  Did President Biden so much as utter the name?

MAGA Republican’ts are not really honoring Jesus.  I know this as a Christian, as a disciple of Jesus, as a student of the Bible.  In John 13:35, Jesus says, “Everyone will know you are my disciples by your love…”  LOVE is the mark of a disciple, of one who follows and learns from Jesus.  It doesn’t matter how much money, gold, or fancy font you emblazon the Name in on tee shirts, hats, bumper stickers, banners, or tattoos, without love, you are just a noisy gong (I Cor. 13:1).

What you saw at the capitol on January 6 was not the love of Christ.  If you want to see that, go look at Christ from the foot of the cross.  THAT’s love.  (“No greater love does a man have than he lays down his life for others” (John 15:13).)

Taking a country crap on Nancy Pelosi’s desk is contempt, not love.  I can’t believe I have to explain that to Christians, but this is America.  Even the most immature Christian can plainly see that – except when you are possessed by the spirit of a mob mentality.  MAGA folx, beware!  Judgment is coming.  Many will say, “Lord, Lord….”

But for whatever vain purposes, the MAGA mob did bring the Name to the fight.  I don’t doubt for a moment they take that Name just as seriously as praying, devout, Joe Biden.  (Nancy Pelosi is on record as a praying type too, btw).  The problem with Joe’s speech though is that he doesn’t appeal to the Lordship of Jesus.  He bemoans and laments the threat to precious democracy, but not the lordship of Jesus.  He suddenly forgets the Name!

I don’t happen to think that democracy is all that congruent with the Lordship of Jesus.  Jesus is King, not a majority of votes.  For that matter, if President Biden truly respects the Democracy he so dearly tries to defend, then he must also respect that a mob of constituents from within that system has every right to vote in fascism, dumb jokes as president, and bend the truth to suit their lesser agendas.  That’s just DEMOCRACY.

I remember when I was young, there was a culture wide debate on conservative Talk Radio about whether we needed to amend the Constitution to outlaw flag burning!  And the debate got quite philosophical and deep, quite fast!  If you don’t have the freedom to burn the flag, you don’t really have freedom; if you burn the flag, though, you destroy the freedom it ensures.  It was a conundrum that eventually died as a hot button issue under its own weight.  Like a snake eating its own tail, it’s always there, but it was an unfruitful pursuit left on the wayside.

Here we have a slightly more urgent expression of the same thing.  Democracy must, if it is truly democratic, allow for the possibility that it can self-destruct.  AND the only way to prove you have that freedom is to destroy it from within.  Otherwise, you have to live with the question.

Thank God for the monarchy of Jesus Christ!  The TRUTH that sets us free.

If Joe Biden had appealed to Jesus in his speech, he would probably upset a lot of fake Christians out there, but he would honor Jesus.  He would probably upset a lot of liberal Demoncrats whose votes he relies on for his position and who hate Jesus, but he would honor Jesus.

Oh, and he would finally, finally, finally put those MAGA mobsters carrying those “Jesus” banners on notice.  He would call their bluff.  To the extent any of them are sincere about their faith in Jesus, they would be called to repentance.  (Of course, this would put Joe next to them at the altar seeking mercy!)  To the extent any of our leaders want Jesus to be Lord, they must humble themselves and love even their enemies!

IF, on the other hand, MAGA mobsters refused to be moved to repentance, President Biden would, politically speaking, “get his” now; they would “get theirs” at the coming Judgment.  But he would be very Christlike in loving God, country, and his enemies, putting God first, and neighbors above himself.  And therein is the only freedom God made for this world!

Oh, I am sure it would turn off a lot of liberal Demoncrats for this Christian president to go that way, but he too must decide if he is Lord or if Jesus is.  And for a POTUS to do that, it sends shockwaves one way OR the other throughout the culture.

Welcome to America with a K!  IF Jesus isn’t Lord of all, he isn’t lord at all.

It’s always been political suicide to enthrone Jesus as King.  Just ask Jesus!  But if there is anyone in this nation who really wants Jesus as Lord, we really must invite each other to humble ourselves and meet at the altar in prayer TOGETHER.

We have a chance in this nation to heal the breach.  There is a deep divide here, and I find it runs right through the church.  If Jesus is Lord in his church, he has potent things to say about the world outside, potent and healing.  Let us get to our knees and pray!  Let us repent!  There can be revival in this nation by sunup tomorrow, if only we get on our knees!

And I believe, I believe, I believe!!! in Jesus.  When those non-Christian people, those liberal Demoncrats who have a stranglehold on even using the Name see the love we have for one another, when they see our discipleship, they will be jealous!  Even if it kills us, they will be jealous!

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