“Peace! Peace! when there is no peace.”

(Jer. 8:11; 14:13-13; I Thess 5:3 AMONG OTHERS)
First things first:  Please notice, this refrain (this announcement) is not some arbitrarily false prophet’s oracle.  It’s not some esoteric, produced in a vacuum, oracle exclusive to prophets opposed to YHWH.


Look at it carefully.

This is the message of empire.  Empire seduces you to TRUST empire.  Empire needs trust in order to be imperial.  That is the secret it doesn’t want you to know.  Empire in fact keeps you from trusting anyone else, but trust empire itself while doubting others.  (Empire is a parasite on God’s rule.)

Peace!  Peace!  That is what the mafia sells you just after they burgle your shop.  Then they come around the next morning and offer to keep you safe … for a price!  Then once you pay, they keep reminding you how dangerous it is OUT THERE and how bad you NEED them for protection.

Thus, you are a SLAVE to their game.

This game comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s always imperial.


Look at how good, traditionally, conservatives have been about sniffing this game out when played by Democrats and liberals.  In fact, they claim this is largely behind welfare and the war on poverty.

“Government” comes along and robs the poor of their soul, of their money, of their future, of their God-given initiative and imagination.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, it does.  Because conservatives have championed this calling of the bluff for generations.
Let’s not rush to judgment and simply presume conservatives are NEVER right in their critique.  Let’s in fact say that to some extent in at least some instances, they are right.

But let’s also not rush to give them a pass.  In fact, they have ulterior motives for pointing this out, even when they are right.  Furthermore, let’s consider how calling the bluff on this game CAN BE an extension of the game!

IF those same conservatives rightly see liberals seducing the poor with claims of peace when there is no peace, but then launch a fight against care for the poor on account of this game, is it not possible (even likely) they thereby turn and tell independents and other would be conservatives, “Look!  WE just called the bluff on liberals!  Count on us to get you PEACE!  Peace is with us, not them!”  And thereby play the same game?

O boy.  This is staring to get complex.  I am still holding it together in my mind, but barely and anymore complexity is going to have me in retreat.

Never mind that you can do good to the poor ANY TIME YOU WISH.  Jesus says so.  If Jesus says so, you can do it.  The crime of liberals is NOT therefore in the giving of care to the poor.  If there is a crime there, it’s not in the government doing it or in the size of government, but only in the lie that the government thereby secures peace.

Likewise, it cannot be wrong for a conservative to give care and charity to the poor.  In fact, kicking the poor while they are down in the name of initiative, imagination, freedom and all that is not biblical, not from Jesus at all.  That is conservatives warping the Bible for the purpose of their own brand of the same lie.

In fact, PEACE, PEACE is only found in Jesus.  The government can give and care all it wants with no foul, but it cannot claim to provide peace or lordship.  Conservatives can call the bluff when government OR ANYONE else tries to, but they mustn’t thereby lie and warp the truth in an effort to play the game.
LOVE dictates that when you see a brother in need while you have something, you share it.  Otherwise, St. John is a liar.

Donald Trump might be the king of liars.  This despite the fact he beat Ted Cruz by calling him Lyin’ Ted.
The fact is he was right to call Ted a liar.  He was wrong to then thereby make common interest with this liar when it suited him later.  That only points out they are both liars.

Donald Trump who said LOCK HER UP should not get a pass when he is found suspect of the same crimes!  And I in no way give Hillary a pass by saying this.  I am quite clear that under the kind of suspicion she herself brought upon herself should at the very least have been disqualified from running for office!  To defend her and not Donald Trump at this point also is a lie.  There is no PEACE in any of that.

Yet each side is shouting PEACE PEACE! when there is no peace.  They shout it in a particular imperial context.

LOVE is the way of peace, but you won’t find it in Hillary, Cruz, or Trump.  Even Biden, and it pains me to say this since he is a milquetoast president I take a lot of relief in after recent elections, is not your source of LOVE nor peace.  He’s a better version of the lie, but not the truth.

I don’t think you can depend on an American politician in this case for love.  Politicians are beholden to some tradeoffs somewhere, and never will give themselves to LOVE.

I don’t think you can depend on a paid preacher/pastor either.  And I know evangelists are, biblically speaking, allowed pay.  But in modern America, that is so thoroughly wrapped up in status, competition, waste, and other manipulations that anyone preferring to offer Jesus for free and support themselves like St. Paul is to be preferred.  I am certain there are NO evangelists in need of private jets!  They don’t need designer shoes, suits, or fancy homes in the Hamptons either.

But I think it’s up to Jesus, moving (I am sure) through his people.  Possibly despite them sometimes – maybe a lot of times.  Whatever the case, I will pray for it, hope for it, and work for it.

Let us pull out of this PEACE whore.  She is a lie.  Don’t put your hopes any more in Biden than Trump (or vice versa for you brothers and sisters who come into this from THE OTHER direction).  Let us in fact stop putting our hope in the flag, apple pie, “one nation under god” or any other expression of the lie.  God might have blessed America, but that doesn’t mean he endorses us to lord it over gentiles.  (Think about it.)

I get that you have disgust for a politician.  I have a hard time sympathizing with the particulars involved, but honestly keeping it generic and just saying A POLITICIAN already says enough.  Just don’t champion one liar over another, and that pretty much catches them all.

BUT, to the extent God strengthens you to do it, LOVE an enemy (including politicians).  I can safely say this: I never prayed more for a president than I did Donald Trump.  I mean I really disliked this one, but I sure did pray for him.  I took him before God A LOT!  I even found a couple of times where I wondered if God might be using him!  Not many, but in prayer, such ideas took root on a couple occasions!  And God called Darious his servant, which was scandalous at that time!)

But let’s love other little people we disagree with too.  Let’s look hard for the few things where we do agree and give one another some breathing space on those points – even if we still in fact disagree but find the point not all that important.  (I hope you follow me on that.)   Because we surely don’t want to be in the way of God’s LOVE frothing up from within us!  And he is on record as LOVING our enemies!
It’s more important that he does THIS than any of our lesser agendas.  Let us pray for it and work toward it as best we can, but of course it will be God’s doing.

I hope you will do some self-examination and find one or two places where you can pray, work, and bring a bit of hope to those in your realm of influence today.

God bless you for even listening.  God bless you for praying.  God bless you for giving it some care and attention.

There is peace to be had in such ways.  And I hate to watch American just piss away the greatest nation on earth all for a little hate of neighbor.  That probably makes some politician a bundle of money and some corporate executive a mint.  All while it gives you a moment of self-righteousness.

Think about it.

Thank you

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