The nameless protagonist asks Marla Singer if she is still going to group.  She says, “You haven’t been going to yours…”  The nameless protagonist finally confesses, “I found something new.”

Yeah, after fighting over who should get bowel cancer, we are reduced to this.

I can’t help but think of it when I remember this blog.  All the insomnia this blog helped me fight, and now I got something new.  Marla would notice, but no readers here do.

Yeah, I would tell you more, but the first two rules of Fight Club are…

Anyway, so I got something new.  And yes, it’s like the testicle thing.

However, I haven’t forgot ya.

Perhaps that’s what makes me different.

I’d love to tell ya more, but then my inner CIA agent would need to kill ya.

Answers upon request.

God bless…



  1. laceduplutheran · September 29

    Prayers ascending. Let me know if you need to talk. You are not alone.


    • Agent X · September 29

      Ha! I was okay with being cryptic, but I didn’t mean to flat out send the wrong message. Sorry.

      No. I am fine. I just ain’t blogging much. I am neck deep in writing a book and looking for publishing opportunities. I joined a group of writers critiquing each other’s work a couple weeks ago, and so it looks like I am much more invested there than here.

      Thus, the bowel cancer group can wait. I found something now: Fight Club.

      Thanx for checking up on me.

      God bless you…

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