(Disclaimer: When I lived in Arizona, more than two decades back, one of the local news outlets advertised themselves as “more news/no chit chat.”  Wow!  Did I ever love that idea.)

Local news on channel (X) Lubbock, yesterday, featured only female newscasters.  (Men’s day off? Dunno.)  And seeing how the weather in recent days has begun to relent from summer heat, that Fall officially started last week, and this is a “Christian” town filled with caring, self-sacrificing, image-bearing “Christians,” the segue banter between the weather girl and the substitute anchor obviously dealt with cool weather fashions.

Yes, in both evening news slots, the girls chit chatted about their desires for the temperatures to drop so they can get out their new clothes for Fall and Winter.  Oh, how exciting!  Turtlenecks!  I kid you not.  This was the concern for seasonal changes.

I note this, not because there is anything innately wrong with it.  But because soon someone will win the “first freeze contest” and freezing temperatures will become a regular feature of our nightly news.  On those nights, the weather girl (or boy) and the anchor will banter their normal cliche chit chat about “bring in your pets and potted plants.”

Rare, if ever, is the concern for the homeless.

This “Christian town” has hundreds of people toughing it out on the streets night after night.  There are many an empty “guest room” in “Christian homes” all over this town.  There’s even room at the inn!  But by golly, Wally, there’s no mention of hosting “the least of these” brothers and sisters.

Instead, there’s all this concern for pets and potted plants – and now let’s add to that “turtlenecks.”


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