Well, y’all, here we go again. Another Happy Holidays Season (“Merry Christmas” for the Politically Incorrect (correct)). It’s that season when you get all sentimental and maybe – just maybe – care about the homeless.

I have an idea for ya.

Go watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles again this weekend, and then run out and invite a bum to Thanksgiving with your family AT YOUR HOUSE where God blesses you and America.

Oh… why Planes, Trains, and Automobiles you ask?  Well, that is an excellent question. I am so glad you asked.

Because it’s a holiday flick to get you “in the mood for” (charitable) “love” – for one thing. It’s funny and will make you laugh to beat the band!  (For those sensitive about “the F-word,” a warning here: there is one scene where the F-bomb goes off like an A-bomb, but at least it’s funny and makes a lot of sense with the plot (redeeming value?).)

But mostly because it’s about a rich guy who takes a homeless man home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Oh… you don’t realize he’s homeless until the end.  Oh, he’s not a beggar/bum, but he is plenty irritating to the rich guy who must overcome a LOT of pride and prejudice to find love for the needy man.

And finally, because you just won’t find my suggestion here reasonable/believable until you see it play out in a Hollywood movie.

Yeah.  It’s such a farfetched idea to bring home a homeless guy for the holiday. BUT, if you REALLY think about it, it’s waaaaay better on so many levels than volunteering at the soup kitchen for the holiday.

Yeah. So, let’s think about it for a moment.

On the selfish side: You still eat at home, all the traditional family vibe, the recipes, the hominess, the relatives, all that stuff is still on. I mean, if you go volunteer at the soup kitchen, you will basically sacrifice your whole holiday tradition to serve a bunch of bums, AND you will miss out on the good food and family vibe you so prize along with the bums.

On the selfless side: You will actually open your home to someone in need. Your gift of yourself and your home will be a far better treat to the needy person than the stand-in-line, take-a-number plate of food down at the HOMELESS shelter.  Instead, they will enjoy a HOME and the value of being a guest in that (your) HOME and this FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Oh, sure it’s still a sacrifice. And quite possibly you will entertain a guest who is not well housebroke, not grateful enough, and who might even stink. But honestly, you have an Uncle Al who pretty much fits that description, and you CAN”T uninvite him.

But then there is the hidden blessing to think about too.  When you do it for “the least of these brothers [and sisters]” you do it for Jesus.  That’s right, you entertain angels unaware!

I don’t care what kind of F’n crap you believe after reading When Helping Hurts or Toxic Charity, the thing I describe here is actually biblical, AND the world needs more of it.

So, yeah.

Think about it.

And stream the flick.

And pray on it.

And then wish for peace on earth this year for Christmas.

God bless… America.


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