I can’t believe it. Nothing says HOME quite like home-cooked beef stew. You just can’t beat it.

Am I making you jealous?

Come on! Admit it.

I’m finishing ANOTHER bowl of it while I type this!

I can see the green envy glowing around the edges of my computer screen while I type it. Admit it! You are jealous!!!

You wanna know what is just absolutely heavenly?

Opening your home to a needy person and sharing some home-cooked beef stew.

Chicken soup for the soul can’t touch dis!


Watch a human being in sore need of a home sit there at your table devouring a bowl of home-cooked beef stew has a way of opening your eyes to a look behind the veil.

Someday, you are gonna die, and you won’t get the chance to see inside heaven again, this side of heaven. So, I urge you with all urgency to put on a pot of stew and invite a needy person in to share it. Do it soon! It is such a rich feeling to share.


I’d say more, but I gotta run. I’m entertaining angels right now, and I gotta get back to them.



  1. harolene · 17 Days Ago

    I want some please!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agent X · 16 Days Ago

      It’s a long drive from Georgia, but worth every mile! Come on!

      Liked by 1 person

      • harolene · 16 Days Ago

        Now that would be wonderful! Sharing a bowl of delicious stew with you and the family and hey, I’ll bring some homemade pita bread or a loaf of my delicious bread made with olive oil‼️ I love sharing with people who need it but don’t really expect any help. The look of surprise and attitude fill all my happiness senses. Happy Thanksgiving soldier, keep fighting the good fight. Inyourcornerharo 🙏


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