I’m not lying, and I must confess… I’m going back for ANOTHER bowl of beef stew from two nights ago. I didn’t make it, but wow! I enjoyed it!  Three bowls in one evening!  Mrs. Agent X is a gifted steward of the stew!  I thank God for her, especially on Stew Night.

And I shared it with my little friends – the urchins God gives me through foster/adoption. My needy friends… My little needy friends who are SO NEEDY that I have to teach them to enjoy beef stew!

It’s not a hard lesson to learn. I’m not a great teacher or parent, and so I know the easy lessons when they take to them so well.  Beef stew is one of those.  Little Agent Rico is learning to love his dinner like What About Bob?. If you don’t know what I mean, google it – the dinner scene from the movie What About Bob?.  Only Agent Rico and I developed the mmmmm… mmmmm’s with physical gestures too.

But I digress…

My confession is this: Two- or three-day old stew is better than stew the day it’s made. (Surely, you know this already.)  But unless you make a really big pot, keeping leftovers that long is hard to do.  I didn’t get any yesterday, and there’s not enough for everyone to have another bowl tonight.  Point being, I’ve had to improvise.  Yeah. I make cheese sandwiches for the urchins and saved the stew leftovers for Mrs. Agent X and me.

Selfish, huh?

I s’pose.

So… I confess.

(See my previous post if you want context for this one.)

Now. please excuse me while I go get it ready for my indulgence.


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