So, you wanna play a mean trick on the homeless. Agent X can help. Just 3 simple steps, and you too can be mean to the homeless. (Just in time for Christmas too!) Here’s how ya do it:

Step 1: Go out and obtain a copy of Corbett and Fikkert’s When Helping Hurts.

Step 2: Do like they say in the book.

Step 3: Claim you are doing it in the Name of Christ.

There. That’s some pretty mean shi… -ahem- a… stuff. Claim you are the church representing Jesus, the same Jesus of the Bible who tells at least one rich man to sell all he owns, give it all to the poor, count his blessings in heaven, and come follow. Yeah. That One. It’ll really confuse the poor who, without your interference know the Good Shepherd’s voice.

3 simple steps, and you too can be mean as hell!

(Wanna take this to the next level? Just make a video of the process, then charge Christians at church $30 to watch it. Call it a training class and act like you are all professional and everything. -Wow! This is too easy.)

Merry Christmas!

(Don’t “like” this one.)

(No. Seriously. Don’t “like” this one.)



  1. Steven · December 3

    I didn’t click the like button! Look at me!


    • Agent X · December 3


      Yeah. Ya gotta read the post… all the … way.. to… the… end. . . or you miss that part.


  2. Steven · December 3

    I got another one. Just give a homeless person a salvation tract and no food or money, then tell them “God bless” as your light turns green and you speed off back to your warm comfortable home.


    • Agent X · December 3

      Thanx for out-simplifying me.

      Yeah. You really cut to the chase with this.

      So, why the book? Why the website(s), the seminar(s), the webinar(s), the Bible class that costs attendees $30?

      I mean, it’s a cottage industry now! A whole outreach industrial complex all devoted to the wise old native American proverbial thingy about feeding a stray cat.


      I suspect it’s a cover for your Christian conscience. A smoke-n-mirrors effort to legitimate the hate or indifference you already have and baptize it in pseudo Christian culture – the commercial wing of the Jesus organization. That tee shirt sportin’, handsome, leatherbound, Purpose Driven drivel of a journal you pay extra for when Purpose Driven is in fashion (oh wow! That’s was 2 decades ago now!), that Prayer of Jabez craze, that complimentary latte for visitors, that free frisbee and swag bag you get for coming to our church today! But don’t give a dime to the bum on the corner, because that will cause harm.


      We aren’t way past that yet???


      • Agent X · December 3

        but hey…

        I’m not bitter


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