Looks like we are taking a “sick day.”

I don’t feel good about it either.

Perhaps that goes without saying. But I’m not the sick one. 

But the part that troubles me most is how so far this post is making sense. It is making sense… right? Take a sick day and stay home.

Yeah. In any other context, I get it too. I don’t want to spread our germs. The sick don’t feel like getting up and out anyway. All that adds up and makes sense – if we are talking about school or work. It makes sense if we are talking about a party or a vacation (though in those cases we are more likely to really feel the irony). I mean, turning a vacation day into a sick day is just devastating.  The world don’t make sense when that happens.

But this is assembly time for the church, the hope of the world. This isn’t work or school, and it’s not vacation or some party either. It’s a party, sure, but rather that just A party, it’s more THE party.  In fact, it’s THE party FOR THE SICK specifically.

When Jesus shows up at synagogue, the sick suddenly find the moxie to get themselves down to the assembly in hopes of a healing touch, and WOW! They come in droves!

If Jesus suddenly decides to disappear and lay low in the wilderness, the sick (and their friends the poor) go searching for him, find out where he is heading, and they rush to get there ahead of him. 

Just think of it: all these bums and sick people (and sick bums) showing up for the surprise party for Jesus. What decorations do they bring? Who gets the cake? Who handles the punch bowl? Who spikes the punch bowl? These poor bums, all sick and everything, don’t provide any of that stuff! No. That’s Jesus’s bit. (Manna and vino, anyone?) When the food and drink runs out, they count on Jesus to bring the party to life, and of course, they come for the healing touch! 

But three or four of us in our bunch have a nasty cough, copious boogers and snot, and we are an overly rowdy crew to begin with (should’a seen the scene we made at the Poncho Claus public event yesterday!) It plumb wears out these aging parents!

But when it comes to packing up our motley bunch and crashing the party hosted by “the church” down the street, I get no sense we are missing out on a party, or healing, or Jesus for that matter. A sick day feels like sobriety to me.

Wow! That’s crass just to say.

But what if we were street bums? Just going in doors for a couple hours on a cold, dreary day would be good news for our cough. Not the healing touch of Christ, but a little relief as our health dwindles on our way to visiting the ER we will never pay for. (Thank you TAX PAYERS (not Jesus (just ask any Republican’t))). 

I’m feeling a bit sick now since starting this post.

Oh my.

Woe is me.

Can somebody point a sick family to Jesus today?


Thanx for reading.



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