JANUARY 25, 1915

It was an amazing day. A truly remarkable event took place that day impacted every single day since.

That was the day Alexander Graham Bell phoned his assistant Thomas Watson and spoke audibly and instantly from New York City to San Fransisco. In an instant, Bell brought one coast intimately in touch with the other – a continent away. The message passed over the wires with speed the Pony Express, for all its glory, could not dream (much less match). 

And at the same exact time, Bell quietly and ironically put a thousand miles between next door neighbors. 

Hardly a soul noticed.

When I was 20 years old, I volunteered for Hospice, and one of my clients was an old, last-of-his-breed cowboy more than eighty years old then. (He would have been alive when that first call was made but would have been out on the range with the cattle and antelope, not paying no mind. I was so young at the time I could hardly appreciate his point, but the old man lamented to me once that when he was young, his nearest neighbor lived almost ten miles away. But he knew that neighbor ten miles away better than the guy living next door just ten yards away at the time he mentioned it to me.

“Reach out and touch someone.” The telephone company ads used to say that when I was young. I haven’t heard that in a very long time.

I don’t wish to blame phones or Bell for this isolation, but technology designed to bring us together has an overtly ironic side. I watch my grown kids sit on the same couch and send text messages to one another rather than speak face-to-face. Somehow, sometimes, the media drawing us together is actually an impediment, but it can be hard to see.

I suspect blogging is like that in some ways. 

I used to keep private journals. I didn’t expect anyone to read them, but I could work out my thoughts there and occasionally revisit my own thoughts. About twenty years ago, I was introduced to blogging and began exchanging with others in this kind of forum online. (I had tried to navigate chatrooms a few times, but that was a lousy experience!) My early blogs never were terribly popular, and I never was a major influencer. But in recent years, I publish thoughts here that barely get a looksie, nary a like, and rarely, a comment. We NEVER (well, almost never) develop a discussion).

I remember my parents literally talking to the neighbor over the back fence when I was a kid. Maybe not a lot, but sometimes it was more than mere pleasantries exchanged. That NEVER happens now, not at my house, and I have tried!

I don’t hardly ever go back to look at my own posts either. If I was keeping a journal, I probably would do that from time to time. I almost never look at my own thoughts here after a day or two, and even then usually only to engage in conversation which is rare. 

I am thinking the blog is a waste of time, even a waste of thought.

I belong to a writer’s group critiquing one another’s work in creative writing projects, and I have begun developing my writing skills and style since joining them. I neglect this blog lately so I can attend more to those projects. But recently my work was critiqued so harshly, I was asked if I write for myself or others. It seems my work was so repulsive and disengaging, if it were not for the task of critiquing, this critic would have preferred to put it down and not read it at all.


That’s face-to-face communication! Usually that kind of bluntness is reserved for the anonymity of the internet these days, but I got it right to my face, AND others in the group chimed in too!

I am still assessing that. There may be more than one way to understand that feedback, but on the face of it, it looks like I am not much of a communicator, certainly not a good writer, and my message is not wanted.

I am taking a little time to give that some thought and consideration. 

I feel the power of this keyboard to connect me to you, whoever you are, even if you are in Australia, Israel, Africa, Latvia, or Kansas. But I also feel as far away from you as that old cowboy did from his next door neighbor just feet away. I’m thinking about getting myself a journal again. Not sure if I want to read myself, though. 

That’s pretty detached. But it’s a cold world out there. I have said that a lot on this blog, and I feel it too.

Anyway, that’s where things are at the moment.

God bless you for visiting this blog – the few who do. Thank you for your visit over the proverbial back fence from time to time. Sorry if I bugged ya. Thanx for your patience with me and with the poor. 




  1. Michele Sperber · December 7

    You are a good writer my brother…. a very good one and your words are far more reaching than you suppose, especially the ones that cry from the depth of your heart for the plight of the homeless. Seeing them through your eyes of passion and love stirred me to search my heart. I was given the understanding I needed from God in a dream, all because of what you wrote . https://ridetheheavens.com/2022/12/04/a-hairy-glorious-godmother/
    Please do not stop writing!! Concerning having loving relationships with deep, caring communication-….. You have expressed the longing in many of us, but our Lord says to be thankful and to rejoice always, and we can be because we have Him. I picture you having a thorn in your side and I’m bringing you a red rose.
    You are loved and accepted. You are priceless. 🌹✝️💛Michele


  2. StainedbytheSpirit · December 8

    You know X most of the time when I first started my blogging I used to leave the comments on. I turned them off as I finally realized people did not want conversation. They mostly just wanted to vent. The things that I write, and considering I am not that great most of the time at putting my thoughts to paper on the best of days, just set me up to be harassed. I don’t “go along” with mainstream Christianity and so I would get a lot of flack. I just got tired of people not even wanting to talk. They just wanted to say how wrong I was without even considering what I had written. So as they say, that was that. I can understand where you are coming from in some of what you are saying.

    I do hope you keep you blog. I do enjoy reading it and I like that you stir the pot. It needs to be stirred. People have become too “not my problem” when it comes to loving your neighbour. Well just a bit of compassion and kindness these days seems to be a “problem.” That needs to be called out for exactly what it is, selfishness.

    Well GOD BLESS you and your family. You guys are in my prayers. SBTS.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Michele Sperber · December 11

      I was so glad to see your comment of encouragement and love here on this blog. Many times I have wanted to let you know I was blessed by your posts on StainedbytheSpirit and I hope you will reconsider opening your comment section up again. It’s true not having it open blocks out the ugly comments, but it prevents the lovely ones from getting through as well. Remember that Jesus had some awful things said about Him and to Him and forewarned it would be the same for those who followed Him. Sure it hurts, but remember we have the “Comforter,” and He helps us overcome what Satan means to use against us. When people persecute us, we are to rejoice, eh?
      I am writing now for another reason: I want to make a donation to help the young woman named Lisa you wrote about on your blog, but I do not want to use a credit card. I cancelled my PayPal account because of a fraudulent transaction that got through, so I would like to send a money order to you for her. This is my email address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and if you would kindly give me an address to send it to as well as the name to write on the order (hers or yours?) as I realize she may not be able to cash it not having a car. I bless AgentX who I call Agent Love. How I pray that he, you and all of us realize how important we are to each other.
      Much love and blessings,

      Liked by 1 person

      • StainedbytheSpirit · December 12

        Hi There Michelle….thank you for your kind words. I really do appreciate them. I love reading your blog. I get lots of dreams from the LORD but I don’t usually talk about them on here. I will email you about Leesa. GOD BLESS


      • Agent X · December 12


        After Pam responded here, I went back and edited out your email address from the comment. I don’t see much traffic here looking, so I doubt anyone else got it. But no point in leaving it floating out there forever.

        Glad you ladies connected!

        God bless….


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      • Michele Sperber · December 12

        How kind and thoughtful of you! My immediate thought was “Isn’t God good?!” to move in your heart to protect me. I appreciate it and you so much.
        God bless❤️ you, too!🙏🌟❤️


  3. Fred D · 30 Days Ago

    I’ve ponderered some of the same bloging thoughts Agent X. Then, just when I’m about to swap my computer keyboard for a journal, I get an response to a post someone says encouraged them in some way, something a personal journal entry can’t do … Sooooooo … I keep on blogging ☺️

    Keep Looking Up . . . His Best is Yet to Come!


    • Agent X · 30 Days Ago

      Thanx for this response!

      I feel ya. I am not at all as committed to this now as I was when I started. I had goals and ideals, but it seems they all hit the skids.

      But I do have at least one reader, a guy I met through this very forum, who has reached out to me saying the impact some of my blogging had on him. He reached out to the streets in new ways, he says, inspired by what he found here. That is HUGE, of course, and I am honored.

      It’s one of those… IF-I-can change-one-life type thingies. No where near the influence I would have desired, but it was that one.

      Your comment cheers me up.



      • Fred D · 29 Days Ago

        We’ll may never know our influence on ‘ just one’ individual may be, but it’s worth continuing on blogging for any future ‘just one’s out there.
        All the best to you and yours in the New Year Agent X

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