(I plan to spend the next few weeks (about 3) posting various dedications to Father’s Day. This post plays out much like a television talk show in my mind. Enjoy.)

Cue talk show theme song: Rawhide!

Agent X:

Welcome to My Father’s World, today’s guest has a lot to teach you about life. He was there at the beginning; He brought you into this world (and He can take you out!); no one can see Him and live! A big round of applause for God!

Yes! God, the Father, is with us today, and boy! does He ever have some explaining to do.

Taking the seat Clint Eastwood interrogates at a presidential convention, welcome to the show, God!

… insert applause here …

We are so glad to have You with us today.

First off, God, let me say, Hallowed be Your Name!

Now, God, we may as well get right into this. I know some of our viewers are looking at us right now and thinking, this guy’s an idiot. That chair is empty he is talking to, and well, it just might be that is how I get some to stay with us – just to watch this train wreck of a show, with a prophet making a fool of himself on national TV. Tell us God, our Father, exactly how can we see You? Do my viewers adjust some knob on the TV, go into the settings and change the computer code? Just how do we see You?


I’m glad you asked that, Agent X, you’re right. Many viewers cannot see me, and in fact, there are a lot of people in creation who don’t believe I exist at all. We covered this many years ago, and you can see that in John 14:8 and following. I created my sons to bear my image, and thus rule the world. If you want to see me, look at my Son! He is the exact representation of Me (Colossians 1:15).

Agent X:

Yes, Lord, but that seems to be tricky these days. Many have looked for You at church, and yet You don’t seem to be there.


Ahhh… yes. Well, I have many sons. The young one wished I was dead so he could take his inheritance and run off to a foreign land to join their circus. He was covered in pig slop and mud when he returned, and his older brother was covered in jealousy when I ran to meet him upon his return. So, between the pig slop and green envy, you have to look at yourself and find Me in your mess. But I am there!

Agent X:

Wow! That is so insightful!


Yes. It is.

Agent X:

Father, God, we have a question from one in our audience. He asks, “If You are so real, why don’t You clean up this mess?” I’m not exactly sure which mess he is talking about. Perhaps the environment, politics, the economy. But, Father, I bet You know what he means even before he asked. What do You say?


Well, I get a lot of bad press these days. You can’t really trust the media, you know?

Agent X:

Amen to that!


Yes, well, My sons tend to have a mind of their own as well as Mine, and thus they have divided minds. But I assure you, I suffer the mess too. Whatever mess you mean, I suffer it too. When I made the world, it was good. I held Judgement on it each Day of creation, and I kept finding it was good, it was GOOD, it was VERY GOOD! But then as we sat for a family meal, someone broke with decorum, and all the messes got really messy.

I washed it all away and started over with Noah, my second adam, but right from the second start, some of that mess broke out all over again. But I made a covenant promise to Noah that I would not destroy the world again like that. So, being true to My promises, I started yet again with My third adam, Abraham, with a new plan to work on the mess from within the mess.

So many in the press try to say My clean-up program is a My-way-or-the-highway type clean up job (or they think I am incompetent), but that is a serious mistake. No. I, your Father, want to redeem this creation starting in your heart. I want you to trust Me. I am bound by many promises at this point, so many promises that seem to contradict and twist into impossibilities, but nothing is impossible for Me.

Agent X:

Great answer! Wow! So much there to think about; so much there to process… We will get back to that after a brief word from our sponsors.

Commercial break:

Are you fed up with high taxes, government waste, and ever-encroaching infringements of your God-given rights? Then vote for me, The Devil! We’re not men in dresses killing babies! We are protecting the second amendment even if it gets your babies aborted in third period social studies fourteen years after they are born! Join the MAGAts and take this country back for God and country! Vote for me, El Diablo!

End commercial break:

… insert applause …

Agent X:

And we are back! Today we are visiting with God, the Father! God was just explaining to us how he is cleaning up creation with his redemption, and how all things are possible for Him.

And so, God, tell us about Your church.


Well, Agent X, I know you look at My sons there and see only the older brother. But when I look at my sons there, I see the younger brother. Keep in mind, when the younger brother took his inheritance and disappeared over the horizon, he was loaded with cash. That cash didn’t run out the first day. He didn’t realize how bad was his trouble that first night. No. For a while there, he had all manner of servants attending to his every whim for the money in his pocket. (Let’s just say, his half of the inheritance was pretty huge! It took a while to exhaust it.)

But keep in mind, X, My heart broke on the first night. I watched from the porch every day and every night beginning Day 1. I yearned for him to return to me, and I must say, the boy was special to Me! (I created him in My own image, but that image was tarnished, alright!) I could hardly eat, but he was filling up with more and more worldly pleasures for many nights before he ran out of cash.

The church today is My younger son, the little brother of Jesus. I could turn My back on him, but the fact is: I love him and yearn for him to return to Me. If you could have seen him when he was a baby! Oh My! Right now, he hasn’t burned through all the cash I sent him off with. But that day is coming. But there’s a key difference in the story THIS TIME. This time, Jesus is the older Brother, and He is watching the horizon with Me.

Let us hope in God that he will return to his Father, his first Love, and we will party when he does.

Agent X:

Oh, wow! That is soooooo generous and loving of You, Father! Your love is always so amazing.

I must confess, I was a bit confused. I thought the younger son ran off to join the Liberal circus killing babies, wearing dresses, and chopping off their penises running off even… even… even joining Democrats. Talk about a mess!!! I thought the church was the older brother.


That wasn’t wrong, X. That is My other son, the younger brother to the church. Jesus is his older Brother too. But, yes, these wee ones have the church as their older brother too. Let us pray the church will come to the party when the Democrats come back to Me!

In the meantime, X, we must have patience – much long suffering!

Agent X:

Wow! Such mysterious ways! Let us join the saints under the altar asking, “How long?” Huh? It all sounds so biblical when You say it, Lord.

Well, that’s all our time for today, folx! Please join us next time when we discuss school and church shootings!

… insert applause…

Roll credits…

Play theme song, and fade to black….



  1. revmatthewbest · 7 Days Ago

    God as an interviewee – what an interesting concept. Would we actually listen? Would we try to get God to give us a sound bite because out time is limited? Would there be a book to sell at the end?

    I’m curious to see where the interview goes though. Because God who shows up certainly feels different than what a lot of folks expect. Too many have this idea of a distant abstract God who is unapproachable and far off. Yet, I don’t know where that idea comes from. Throughout Scripture God keeps coming to creation. Jesus takes on skin and flesh and a body and is born among us – walking with us, weeping with us, eating with us. Maybe because a distant God is a safe God who won’t mess with us and our lives.

    But why would we want that? Why wouldn’t we want a God who fundamentally transforms and changes the world just by encountering it. Wouldn’t that make the world a better place? Maybe we don’t want better because we would be able to keep lying to ourselves that we are in control and there is order (even though it’s a crappy order). But it is predictable. Yippeee!

    I imagine the interview would be a bit different – the format would be unrecognizable to us. But such theater is important to convey the absurdity of our “Normal.” There is nothing normal about the world as it is. I think that is conveyed in your narrative. Normal is in alignment with God and God’s way of being. Instead what we have is common – what is experienced by a lot of people. But it’s not normal at all. It’s abnormal. It’s out of alignment. It’s something else than shalom.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim McGee · 7 Days Ago


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Agent X · 7 Days Ago

    I used to have a copy of Cheech and Chong’s Big Bambu album – minus the huge rolling papers! (I got it used.)

    Anyway, if you know that album, you can hear this talk show in your mind too. I tried to type it as fast as I was hearing it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.


  4. Mark · 7 Days Ago

    “I considered asking God why He let so much sickness, and hunger, and pain go on in the world. But it occurred to me that He might ask me the same question.” – Anonymous

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