About FBSOP and Agent X

Agent X is a street prophet and minister to the homeless.  In April 2013 a group of street-homeless men came together and formed the Fat Beggars School of Prophets as a way of serving Jesus, the church, and the homeless in our community.

Our mission statement:  We go to the place of shame, pain, and despair in our community and bear the image of God there.

Our foundational Bible Text: II Kings 6:24-7:20.  An obscure Bible story where humble beggars eat from the king’s table until they are overwhelmed with conviction and carry the gospel to the people of God and transform the national economy all at once.

The pseudonym Agent X is borrowed from The Agent B Files.  Credit for that name goes to Agent B.


Expanded edition of “About”

Fat Beggars School of Prophets is a street ministry that works in tandem with other street ministries.  FBSOP does not feature fund-raising, relief-organizing, program-building, shelter-building, or goods-n-foods distribution.  Those efforts are pursued in various forms by nearly all other programs already in existence.  FBSOP supports those things and prays for them, but they are not the focus or function of our ministry.  Rather FBSOP majors on worship and exposing the city of Lubbock to the image of God amid her poor and homeless.

One of the key marks of “success” (if we could call it that) will be the opening of church-house doors to the poor and homeless as a means of shelter at night and especially during bad weather.  But even that goal has an eye toward wealthy Christian homes with guest bedrooms going empty night after night to be transformed into the Temple of God – a place for God to live (The Matthew 25:35-40 Jesus in particular).

Only God can achieve that goal.  No fundraiser, no program, no telethon.  We are looking for God’s Kingdom Come on earth like it is in heaven.  We ask the Christians of Lubbock to IMAGINE THAT!



New to Fat Beggars???  May I suggest you check this post to facilitate better participation:


Your attention and input are highly valued here!  Arguing is allowed, just keep it respectful please.

Join The Fat Beggars School of Prophets on Missions From God to Bear His Image Where It Counts

Yes!  Imagine you are a Fat Beggar Prophet.

Just print off the application form below and send it to the address listed on the form (address subject to change without notice).

blog Oper Apoc application


  1. Ricardo Cortez · June 1, 2015

    That something I did with agent X in the past and I will do it all over again without thinking!!!

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  2. administrator · September 1, 2016

    There should be a way to screen homeless people thoroughly, photograph and profile them, so that the wealthy won’t trip, and will find some that they are comfortable with. It’s tempting to guilt trip them (“bad, BAD rich people) but that never works. we must find a way to show them that all homeless are not scum.Street prophet, I have a plan for this I’m working on. Pray about. I bet you could pull this off.

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  3. zeroneday.com · January 21, 2017

    Agent X, I have a lot of respect for what you’re doing. I pray that God will give you a bountiful harvest in the months ahead. I’d love to learn more about your experiences and glean any insight you have as I endeavor to champion the cause of the homeless in the Wilsonville, Oregon area.

    Lord be with you always,


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  4. Administrator · March 21, 2017

    Hey agent x, there really are people with means who love you. Why not put up a contact page so they can talk you directly? Together, we can make a difference


    • Agent X · March 21, 2017


      Wow! Thank you for that very kind message. I had not idea this ministry was having that kind of impact on people with means! It is very encouraging to get your message.

      I do not have a contact to publicize, mostly because I desire to keep my identity muted – especially in the blog-O-sphere. (I choose the word “muted” because I know it is not a perfect secret.)

      I have established contact with a few followers through the blog on a private basis. If I leave a comment on your site, it attaches my email address for one thing. Or, if you want to send me your email address via a comment, I will be happy to respond privately and NOT publish your address on the comment. This is how I have met strangers via the blog in the past. But I ask you to respect my pseudonymous anonymity as we establish a private contact.

      But then there is the matter of “means”…

      I have accepted contributions in the past. That has always been on a single offering basis and has never been enough to “sustain” me or the ministry. Most of those contributions have been $20 or under, except for a couple of gifts (such as a pop-up gazebo), and a stockpile of gloves etc. One donor gave me a check for $500 once. This was a divine appointment, it seemed, because just the day before I had haggled a deal with the shirt company that produces our Fat Beggars Tee shirts for 100 shirts at $500. I promptly spent the whole check on exactly that need and passed out all the shirts around town and at the “Night Under The Stars” event put on by St. John Neumann’s Catholic Church a year and a half ago.

      I tell you all that to give you an idea of how we Fat Beggars have handled the money given in the past. It is generally used to purchase communion supplies to take to the homeless or to fund a cookout for some homeless folk in a back lot somewhere and that usually is really cheap, and often I have the funds myself. The FEW instances where a substantial contribution was made, this is how we handled it in the past. YET, there is not a clear cut policy for contributions – nor are they really wanted – at least not on a grand scale nor even with regularity. (Actually, there was an attempt once to raise nickel and dime contributions from the homeless themselves. It ultimately failed, BUT I did not personally operate that fundraiser. It was handled entirely by a couple of homeless people. It showed real promise for a couple of months, but at that rate of fundraising, I think they got discouraged with it.)

      So… here’s the thing. I really do not need contributions – at least not via the blog. Nor do I desire them – especially monetary gifts. Money can be helpful sometimes, but mostly I seek imagination… my own and that of readers. Can we think outside that box? I really want to see churches open their doors to the homeless. There are sanctuaries, family life centers, basketball gyms, shower facilities, kitchens, and class rooms that go largely unused all week long most weeks, yet we pay to keep them heated and cooled for those few hours each week when they are used. How does that glorify God??? I am sure there are other uses we might put all that STUFF to, but housing the homeless could be one of them, and SHOULD BE for at least SOME of them. And we don’t have to raise a dime to do that. AND THEN, as we chaperone and disciple street folk in the shelter we provide them, we will “build relationship” in a truly meaningful sense and determine that SOME of them are worthy of bringing into our homes and putting up in our (otherwise) empty guest bedrooms. AND THEN as we all learn to live together in the kind of intimacy that will dictate, we will struggle with lots of conflicts to be sure AND will find the sacrificial living we are now doing to be truly a glorification of God and his design for the world HE made. And THEN there will be a need for some fundraising for SOME of those cases as the cost of groceries, water bills, electricity and so forth goes up. But we will finally be living an American version of the Acts 4:32-35 church! And I promise, Administrator, I will NOT be the guy for the job of administering all that money! But I really do desire your prayers and fellowship in imagining our way there.

      I hope this doesn’t come off as a cope out. But I really think I need to decline the offer that I sense appears in your comment at this time.

      But I surely thank you for it. And I thank God for it. And I praise God that he uses this blog.

      God bless you…


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  5. Hi I would like to get your mailing address to send you some free christian literature to pass out to homeless people.
    God Bless all your work for Jesus.


  6. errollmulder · July 17, 2018

    Loved your blog on cruciform love, even though the message is painful. Trying to fight the good fight here in the southern tip of Africa. Thanks for introducing me to Leonard Allen and blessings on your life and ministry! I also give thanks to God for NT Wright’s writings and influence in these days of superficiality ‘churchianity.’

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  7. errollmulder · July 17, 2018

    Correction, ‘superficial’ churchianity…


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