Answered Prayer

I have been publishing an underground rag on the streets of Lubbock for a year and a half.  I began publishing shortly before I got kicked out of church.  From the start I developed a prayer routine, offering the same prayer on a routine basis which I have never stopped doing.

I published the prayer itself many months ago.  I think it was one of my publications that seemed to connect to homeless people largely because I pray for so many of them by name and indicated that in the publication too.  People like to read their name in the paper, and though I disguised their identities, some of them could probably discern themselves in my list.

But the part that I find the real punch of my prayer, the part where I petition God, is where I ask God to express himself in these prophets.  I want them to bear the image of the suffering God who loves his world and redeems it.  And then for Lubbock to respond to the image of God they see in these prophets.


Then last winter I hear of a group called Taking It To The Streets who are loving the homeless in high style.  Then the group Restoring Hope grew out of that, and I have joined them in ministry several times.  These groups find themselves in trouble with the established church along similar lines as I did.  But they are Lubbock’s response to the image of God!  They are an answer to my prayers!

Then yesterday, I bumped into yet another street ministry.  Mercy Corp.  There is a complicated story behind my involvement with Mercy Corp that I will not lay out here, but I had not realized this ministry on the streets before yesterday.  I was amazed at the heart this group brings to the streets.  And I want to thank God publically for Restoring Hope and Mercy Corp.

I notice lots of good work from the churches in this town too, but since they are entangled in their fears about “liabilities” and such things, we need people who are willing to respond in far riskier love.  And I thank God for showing himself to Lubbock and drawing Lubbock closer to himself.  It is an answer to prayer!


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