$erving Jesus: The Big Business of Ministry

I was talking recently visiting with one of the ministers from Restoring Hope and he made a remarkable observation.  He asked, “When did homelessness become a business?”  He told me that he asked this of the executive pastor at one of Lubbock’s premier homeless churches after that pastor raised tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars yet has only housed three men in the last three years.

I have noticed this myself, but I had never crystalized it into quite that crisp of an observation.  I never wanted to fault a ministry for raising lots of money.  But it suddenly became clear that some of these pastors really have a lot of it.  And this raises concerns about whether those ministries are in it for the money.  If that is the case, they might really never want to actually end (or alleviate) homelessness.  Other people’s pain is just too lucrative!  Now talk to me about When Helping Hurts!!!

But I recently had another conversation with the ministers from 7th Trumpet Ministries, and they observed that church has become big business.  And that seemed to take the first conversation to a new level.  If the church has become a business, then it is deeply corrupted.  And in America, that seems to be the goal of church as far as I can see.

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