The Fat Beggars’ Spot: Dear Pastor Bates

Before there was a Fat Beggars blog, there was a Fat Beggars “rag” – a little “news paper” or better yet a church bulletin for homeless street people – that circulated the streets of Lubbock. Here is one copied onto the blog for just a taste of those old circulars. Enjoy

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

(What follows is a slightly edited copy of one of my street bulletins that I used to circulate among the homeless and stash in songbooks at various churches, stash in cases of beer at the liquor store, stash in library books and in books on the shelves at religious bookstores.  And since last night marked the first real seasonal cold front of this Fall, it seems reprinting this copy here now would be timely.)

Year 2                                                      April 21, 2015                                                  Vol. 43

The Fat Beggars’ Spot

A Revolutionary Rag



Dear Pastor Bates,

In this letter, I want to tell you how I really feel.


That whipping wind last night had a bite in it.

Man, you are the pastor of the church. You know, the Body of Christ – my best friend! (Jesus is my best friend, right?)


So, you are the pastor, the head of…

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  1. Agent X · June 26, 2021

    If you are reading this post, I want to ask you a favor. Please consider (you won’t hurt my feelings if you decide not to, but please consider) reblogging this on yours or linking it to your Facebook and getting this one circulated as far as you have influence. (Maybe email a link to a friend or two and ask them to pass it on.) I hope that BOTH pastors AND homeless people on the web will bump into this one, and you can help.



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