This Is Why We Don’t Have NICE THINGS

When I was young, I bought a small Chevy Chevette.  Young people today, won’t know what that was.  You don’t see them on the road anymore.  But the one I got had survived a fire!  And it looked like it didn’t really survive it.  But what can I say?  The thing ran!  So…(for $300) I drove it.  Even used a large screw driver to shift the gears.

And when I was out driving across the Indian Reservations of Arizona or New Mexico, I picked up a lot of hitchhikers.  Bums on the side of the road.  And often I apologized for the mess.  It became my habit.  But then I bought a new car, my first real car loan.  And the new car had gadgets, options, zip, AND SHINE!  It had “that new car smell”!

Wow!  I drove that car with my head held high.  I felt like I had joined the human race.  It was a humble car, but at last I was respectable!  And I THANKED GOD for it every day!

And then as I was driving through Phoenix traffic one evening, I saw a bum thumbing a ride.  I reflexively pulled over and offered a ride.  And as we pulled away from the curb, that poor car lost it’s “new car smell”!  And suddenly I began having second thoughts about giving people rides.  Sharing my blessings with the poor, just was not compatible with my life any more.

Last year, Mrs. Agent X and I bought a new home.  It’s not the newest, not the greatest, not the biggest, nor in the plushest part of town.  But it is a fantastic upgrade from where we’ve been.  And when we bought it, we purposefully sought one with more room so that we could keep foster kids.  We prayed on it and asked Jesus to come live here with us, and now he has.  And like a prophet riding a donkey entering the HOUSE OF GOD and driving out the money changers with a whip, turning tables, and scattering all order to the wind, the toddler and baby have turned our house inside out and upside down inside of 48 hours!

Ha!  Did I say “48 hours”?  We realized we were toast in about 5 hours!  I actually thought about calling this post Zero to Sixty in 5 Seconds.  Nothing will ever be the same again.  I have seen spaghetti boldly go where no spaghetti has gone before!  Bath time was punctuated with a toddler chased naked into the bedroom wildly to urinate!  Every pot and pan dragged out into the floor… paper work dragged out around the house – important stuff for doctors and insurance companies!

Yeah.  We invited God to come into this home.  The same God who spoke to Job from the whirlwind.  And we are the servants of the house unprepared for the master when he returns.  But!  Thank God, our family and friends are coming out of the wood work to offer supplies, food, and support!

I wish all the homeless of this land could find this hospitality.  If they did, some of us would entertain angels unaware (Heb. 13:2).


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  1. Agent X · June 25, 2021

    Reblogged this on Fat Beggars School of Prophets and commented:

    The good book says to the door keeper, STAY ALERT! You do not know the day or hour when the MASTER of the house will return. You would think doorkeepers in the church would heed that. Here’s one of my experiences with door keeping…

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