I didn’t kill a man. What I did was kill evil.

And when you were baptized, you died with Christ and were buried with him. Is that correct?

Yes. I died with Christ.

And everyone else in that worship service, did they all die with Christ already too?

Most of them. Yes.

So, why did you feel the need to kill the man if you were already dead? Aren’t you “defending” the dead with Christ now? With a gun? Killing evil with a gun??? Right at the celebration of Christ’s sacrifice for sinners? Come on now… didn’t you kill a sinner and not evil? Aren’t you spinning this for the lame stream media now???

Well… uh…

I killed evil. Didn’t I say that?

You did say that, but that is truly a bold claim considering evil is still alive and well. I mean, half a million people died last year from a virus just after you “killed evil.” What are you saying?

Oh… well, you are confusing things now. Putting words in my mouth.

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