Wants To Die

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I met a man from the streets a few times.  He appeared strong, tough, confident.  Of course that raises the question: Why homeless?

I did not actually ask.  I just made presumptions.  Tentative to be sure, but presumptions all the same.

Then I spent time with him.  We talked.  I still did not ask.  But as he talked, he spoke of how blessed he is.  Then he spoke of better days – owning a home, raising a family, running a business.  He sounded pleased with where he is now.  He has a stripped down life.  He has what is truly important now, his friends and his health – and none of it obscured by pretense.  He lives from blessing to blessing never running out of food, nice clothes, and always with friends.

Then we communed.  We sang the songs.  We prayed the prayers.  Jesus came, and the man got high.


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