For those of you who want to get the real poop on real poop, just hit the streets.

In case you don’t know, when archaeologists dig up ancient cities, they particularly like to find the trash heap – the dump.  That’s where the truth about people is found – in what they throw away.  Same with detectives investigating crimes; they stakeout the trash.  (Just watch a crime show.)

With this in mind, what do you think the refuse says about you?

What about your rejections?

What do they say about YOU?


Drive past a beggar recently?

Did you turn your face away in rejection and leave them to the gutter?

I once watched a manager at Walmart walk all the way across that massive parking lot to run off a beggar near the property entrance.  Walmart doesn’t want “those people” there.  Why?  Because you don’t.

Where do these rejections congregate?

Down by the river.

On the other side of the tracks.

In a galaxy far, far away.

And congregate, they do.  They are the trash dump of humanity.

Gehenna was the trash dump of ancient Jerusalem.  A great place for archaeologists to study, by the way.  It’s all built up now, so you might not know it when you entered the gates of hell these days.  But every town has one, and even the church uses it.

What do you think an investigator will learn about you THERE?  About your CHURCH?

Have you ever been down to the trash dump of humanity?  Have you ever listened to the poor?

I have.

I listened to a young lady and her man tell me about people stopping at red lights only to roll up the window, lock the door, and turn up the radio during their time there.

Can you imagine being a human being, created in the image of God, existing in his good creation, and standing at a corner where people do that?

I heard about a hundred homeless people complain about the “executive minister” at the homeless “church” by name – singling him out – for not caring, for running them off after hours, for playing favorites and all that.  Seriously, “about a hundred” of them.

Can you imagine a church where about a hundred of the members dread their pastor?  Only at the homeless “church.”

Do you send a check there to support that?  Have you ever personally asked the folx there if they are loved or rejected by their pastor?  Or were you too busy rejecting them to ask?


Walk a block in those shoes.

Walk down to the congregation of dumpster divers and ask.

And investigate.

You might be surprised to find out about yourself there.  The mirror they hold up to you might not show a heart nearly as soft as you like to think.


  1. Pastor Randy · February 16

    X, this is one of the most powerful blogs you have written. The analogy is powerful. Thanks for awakening me, and I pray even more are awakened!


    • Agent X · February 16

      Thanx! That’s an encouraging word! God bless you.


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