There are a handful of things about blogging I don’t like.  None of them are so critical as to bring this to an end, but I still don’t like some aspects of it.  One of those aspects that cause me to chafe is the obligatory holiday post (which seems to be particularly important to “Christian” blogs.)

Is there some kind of blogging orthodoxy I stumbled into without knowing?

Yeah, every holiday that comes around needs to have some kind of special observance on a blog, an honorable mention, it seems – maybe even some sermon or moral to the story.  Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Easter – just to name a few.  You get the picture; just look at your own blog.  Every one of the holidays – well the majority, anyway – somehow NEED to have my comment.  Practically all the Christian bloggers I follow will give some ceremonial analysis or lesson regarding the next holiday too.

It’s not quite a pet peeve; I’m not irritated by this.  But I really don’t get it.  I said something about this holiday last year and the year before.  What new am I going to add?  Will the holiday suffer if my blog doesn’t notice?  Will my blog suffer?  Will it look like I forgot it?  Why am I burdened to try?  Am I worried that both my readers might think I don’t honor my mother?

This falls right in there, in my mind at least, with commenting on the next big headline in the news.  Did y’all notice the Supreme Court leaked a memo last week about forcing expectant mothers to not kill their unborn babies?  I surely want both my readers to know I saw it.

At least commenting on the headlines affords something new – possibly.  Not that my blog or yours is going to change anything, but at least you get to express your opinion on current matters.  What else is blogging for?

This blog doesn’t break news stories, but (by God) you will find out this blogger’s stance on it!

Maybe if we do enough of that, the world will finally be listened to and get the world straightened out.  No?

I didn’t start writing this blog so I could talk about the news or my mom.  I didn’t start it so I could honor the holiday – or any other holiday.  For that matter, I started it with an eye toward highlighting homelessness (the church’s relationship and responsibilities toward the homeless in particular), an item that does not grab enough headlines, actually.

Anymore, I might offer four or five posts in a row with no mention of the homeless, but (by God) if it’s Mother’s Day, I will preach about that.  I will make you understand the importance of mothers!  God has your name written on HER hands!  How SHE longs to gather you under her wing like a hen!!!

My mother was not homeless.  Homeless people were not a driving passion of hers.  (I was.)  She took in a few stray cats and dogs – even kept lambs (sheep) in diapers in our house bottle feeding them for a couple weeks one time!  She opened our home to many guests and entertained them (mostly from church).  One time we kept a deranged old man who wandered away from his home four states away and got lost, and as we helped him get back to his family, he stayed with us for several days.  But in general, Mom was not impassioned about the homeless.

But, of course, I love my mom.  She is gone now, and I miss her dearly.  I weep for her sometimes.  But that is not what my blog is about.  And this occasion is an opportunity to deflect from the point here, it seems to me.

But both of my readers are celebrating their moms (or being celebrated by their kids) on this fine holiday, and my talk about the homeless throws something of a wet blanket on that.  Call me Agent Debbie Downer, huh???

Yeah, but I can’t help but think how many homeless women have kids on this day and have no idea where they are – or their kids have no idea where their mother is.  I can’t think of how many homeless people are lost in our streets but have mothers somewhere worried about them.  Every last soul out there needs a mother of some kind in their life, and they are greatly diminished by not having her.  Just because your life takes a holiday doesn’t mean homelessness does.


Do you feel a twinge of guilt or conviction now?


My obligatory Mother’s Day post turns out to have a little traction, I suppose.

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Tim McGee · 21 Days Ago

    Thanks X. Now I had to take down my Mother’s Day post! I’ll let you explain it to my mom!


    • Agent X · 21 Days Ago

      Ha! Now that’s funny!

      Hey, I admit it. I am a bit cynical. BUT I’M NOT BITTER!

      Liked by 1 person

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