(I know, right??? If I call you stupid, I am being a jerk and full of contempt.  But if St. Paul calls the Galatians stupid… well, that’s just the inspired word of God.  Hey… if the shoe fits…)

I live in Lubbock, Texas.  We are just about as “conservative” as it gets here.  And honestly, I am okay with that – to a large degree.  I am a conservative, and I am more at home among conservatives.  Ninety five percent or more of my family and friends are conservative.  I grew up conservative, and I hold many basically conservative values as well.

But somehow this lifestyle has become bitter and mean and stupid.  It’s become a political powerplay to champion “conservative” values for a mean spirited, hateful and fearful political agenda to lord it over “liberals” and rub it in their face.


And the church has weighed in with a thumb on the scale supporting this tawdry trashy unchrist-like agenda.  The church.

Stupid Galatians!

(Can you feel my contempt?)

The political ploys, in one sense, are not really all that new, but the intensity of it, the shrillness, has definitely surpassed any in my lifetime.  And it is making us stupid.  Smart people I otherwise admire and love getting just as stupid as stupid can be, getting shrill and hostile about it in my face, all to out-conservative the other conservatives.

Here’s what I mean:

Run-off elections.

Don’t bet on any liberals winning anything in Lubbock, Texas.  Okay?  Feel me?

We are conservatives here, and the few liberals we have are a joke.  So, it’s a foregone conclusion that we will elect conservatives to represent us.  But when you have three, four, or more conservatives all vying for the same seat, they have to fight it out, and politics being what they are, that means getting dirty.

So now my TV and radio is filled with conservative people calling other conservatives liberals.  Meanwhile, they all cling to that Trump name for all they are worth too.  They try to out conservative each other and out Trump each other.  Even if Trump endorses the other candidate!  Don’t let a little thing like that mean anything!

Oh… and don’t bother counting the votes either.  That just means you are a loser.  Only losers count votes.  (Recounts excepted, right???)

But here is where I finally lost it:

We have one conservative now going after the other because he was born in… drum roll please… New York City!


How can you claim Trump and criticize THAT?

STUPID Galatians!

Oh man, I know every dumb little thing about every conservative in this race because all the other conservatives in this race have absolutely destroyed each other in out Trumping and out conservativing each other.  They are all butchered scraps of their former selves carved up and left for the trash heap thanx to each other.

Oh… and that’s how the “Christians” are treating each other in an election year!

God help us.


  1. laceduplutheran · May 22

    I’m reading Transformational Discipleship right now. A line from the book comes to mind. “We resemble the God or god we revere.” This explains a great deal of why you see what you see.


    • Agent X · May 22

      Just the simplest logic, nothing complicated here. Okay?

      Why are the conservatives calling each other liberal? RINO and all that? I mean, if you ain’t into this BS, why on earth would you claim it?

      But that new birther twist just made me choke on my supper when I heard it. Wow!

      Liked by 1 person

      • laceduplutheran · May 25

        Why do people claim to be Christians, followers of Jesus, but do the exact opposite of what Jesus tells his followers to do? Not a kind of follow. Not an alternative. Nope, the exact opposite. Yet they want to keep the label. Why? Why on earth would you want a label for something that in practice you completely reject? It’s about control. Colonizers take what they want, do what they want, and call it what they want. Because they can. Because they are in control. They tasted the fruit from the tree and they became like gods.


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