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Fat Beggars School of Prophets

(This post is a drastic departure from my usual content.)

As with all posts here, the material considered is covered from my own very specific viewpoint.  I did a little research, but not much.  I merely verified (and enhanced) my own memory and experience(s). 

I am well on my way to becoming an old man.  Like most old men I know (and have known), I have stories to tell (and retell too many times).

Some mutterings, in my experience, have value.  I imagine if I had grown up a century earlier, respect for elders and viewing them as a resource of contributions surely was stronger.  While I imagine being one of the kids/grandkids sitting on the porch in the cool of the day, after the work and dishes are done, grandfather in his rocking chair, family gathered around reading Bible, playing music, and the old ones telling stories, such is…

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  1. Steven · May 25

    The Onion has a rolling headline from a good while back called ‘No Way to Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens. The article stays the same minus a few detail changes to identify it with whatever current shooting is happening. This last one makes me feel physically sick reading about it, and I want to bash my head against a wall over the fact that we’re so used to it.


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