Today’s post is a continuation of the thoughts I posted yesterday, a post which has found some serious traction suddenly.  This dying old blog hasn’t had this much company in a while, and one reader has voiced quite a lot of reaction (Thanx, Matt), and hopefully more will join.

I gave, I think, too much ink to the regular arguments yesterday.  I was trying to acknowledge them, but I didn’t want to bog down in them.  So, allow me to punch through again today, to jam on the bits on the OTHER side a bit more here.  I really want to illuminate the hidden things, mysteries, which are RIGHT UNDER OUR COLLECTIVE NOSE.

As I reread today, what I wrote in haste last night, one line jumps off the screen at me which I want to reiterate today.  Here it is:

But Jesus tells us that he is the least of these brothers, and he reveals himself in the breaking of bread.  You have a very important guest in your midst now.

Listen up all you CHRISTIANS out there.  All of you with the ears to hear and the eyes to see the mystery of the kingdom of God, because this is just going to be parables and religious blathering to everyone else.  I promise.

Jesus just showed up in Martha’s Vineyard this week!  That is huge!  Roll out the red carpet and celebrate!  Put on the fatted calf and eat!  Throw a huge party!

Man, if there are any Christians on that island, I hope they will do this.

Jesus tells us in the Scriptures that he IS the “least of these” brothers.  He is the needy sojourner.  It’s been true since he showed up in Bethlehem finding no place at the inn.  The Scriptures also tell us he is made known in the breaking of the bread!  We have known this AT LEAST since the walk to Emmaus.  (IF you need me to cite Scriptures, just ask!)

Man!  If I were a lowly homeless bum at Martha’s Vineyard, sleeping in a tent on the beach, I would get some tuna and crackers and invite the immigrant into my abode!  Jesus isn’t picky!  He can make due with a manger if need be.

I ain’t never visited Martha’s Vineyard, and as I hear it, I probably can’t afford a cup of coffee there.  But if there is a Christian there, this is your chance to host Jesus!  I know he looks funny, smells funny, talks funny… all that.  But it’s HIM!  It really is!  And you can have this fact revealed to you, most likely, over a shared meal.  BREAK THE BREAD!

It turns out, when God made humanity, he put deep within us, this mysterious way which we don’t fully know, appreciate, or even sense very often, but when we share a meal together, God is revealed among us.  Peace is made in such ways!

DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?  (Or is that just lip service you spout off?)

Take him at his word!

The ramifications are tremendous!  I am certain you will find incredible value in this person when Christ is revealed to you in him.  I think you will view LIFE differently.  And finally, I think Abbott and DeSantis will catch on to the idea pretty quick and be jealous!  (And then mysteriously a LOT of our problems will vanish as God wipes away tears from every eye!)

Somebody try it.  Please!!!

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