‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the church, not a single home took in a homeless person with which to celebrate the day. We got a 501c3 taking care of them, saw it on the news.  No need for the church to worry about serving this demographic.  In fact, they are better served by the professionals.  The church will do better to take care of herself and all her families and grandmas.

Homeless need a lot of help, and you must be wise about it too.  It’s too easy to give a bum a little money and make ourselves feel better when really, we do harm that way.  These people need counseling, They need drug rehab and job training and a host of smaller, more immediate needs which overwhelm a do-gooder fast.  So, yeah, giving a little money is a temptation which will make the do-gooder feel good, but the bum will spend it on booze making the problem worse in the long run.

Thus, it is good, really, when you think about it, that the church is not reaching out to help.  Thank God for the professionals.  It took two millennia for God to prop up his church with professionals and the 501c3.

Let this post then be a call to give your money to the work of the 501c3 and the professionals.  The work of the church is no longer needed down at the gates of hell.  And giving money to the professionals down at the 501c3 will not encourage them to spend it unwisely on an outreach industrial complex that creates jobs, pays salaries, and purchases office space, fleets of vehicles, and ski vacations all so the church doesn’t worry about a homeless person who needs a home to welcome them for the holidays.



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  1. Agent X · 13 Days Ago

    Oh yeah.

    I meant it LIKE THAT.

    No… no… You felt me.

    Yes! Yes. I meant it like that.

    I know; the post had you scratching your head for a moment, but yes, I am saying the 501c3 and the professionals are a whole new layer of the problem. In fact, they create a whole new problem, and even if – IF – if they are honest and spend your money the way they claim (not all charities are free of scandal!), they make the problem worse by creating a bureaucracy to deal with it.

    You give $10 or $10,000 expecting it to fund all this “wise” help for the poor, but right off the top, they gotta pay administrative costs BECAUSE they are a middle-man operation. And those middle-men don’t come cheap! They want to make a living, own a home, drive a car, send their kids to college, and take vacations just like you.

    And make no mistake, they will take their cut of the donation BEFORE they give anything to the poor.

    And that’s assuming they do everything on the up and up.

    Still think you are doing less harm by giving to a charity rather than to the bum directly?

    Maybe… maybe so… SOMETIMES.


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