Jesus wears the pants in this house.

Yeah, it hit me like a two-ton heavy thing yesterday.  I was sitting there talking to my wife while she folded laundry, and suddenly she held up a tiny pair of baby pants that Baby Agent N has now outgrown.  She remarked about how cute they were, and we chuckled.  We will keep them as a keepsake.

And that’s when it hit me: Those are Jesus-Pants.

A bit of context here…

Mrs. Agent X and I prayed and prayed, and we invited God to come live in this house that he gave us.  And there are a lot of twists and turns in that story that I will skip for brevity, but the answer to those prayers has culminated in foster children – most recently Baby Agent N.  (A Meth-Baby whose parents are not fit to care for him.  A homeless child in need of God’s love.)  As far as I am concerned – Jesus incarnate!

But there’s more…

I am a big enthusiast of Tony Campolo – especially his It’s-Friday-But-Sunday’s-Coming sermon.  And in the midst of that sermon (if you link to it, cue up to minute 43 through 46) he tells a story about a mother in Haiti begging him to take her baby to spare it’s life.  In dramatic style only Campolo can pull off, he recites how desperate this mother was begging him to take her baby even as he boarded a small plane, and how she banged on the door as it took off pleading for him to “take my baby!”.

Then with full conviction, Campolo describes how once he was in the air, he suddenly realized who the baby was.  It was Jesus – the Matthew-25 Jesus who will meet Campolo in the Judgment of the Sheep and Goats… Where Campolo says he will ask Jesus, “When did I see you and not care?”, and Jesus will say, “At the Haitian border.”


Thank you, Tony Campolo, for that wake up call.  Thank you for expanding my imagination.  Thank you for healing my eyes so that I see.  I want to see Jesus.

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, I want to see Jesus-Pants!

And, yes, Jesus wears the pants in this house.

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