Preacher got up and made his little sermon illustration many, many years ago saying:

Two old jazz musicians from New Orleans meet at the funeral for their band leader.  The deceased had requested he be buried sitting upright behind the wheel of a fine Cadillac.  As the car is slowly lowered into the ground, the old trumpet player leans over to the drummer and says, “Man! Dat’s livin’!”

I suppose it’s just “an expression” as we sometimes say.  Still, the irony is kinda funny.

I think of my dear old grandfather biting into a piece of cheesecake lovingly prepared by my grandmother, and as soon as he swallows the first bite, he proclaims, “Mmmmm… That’s rich.”

Of course, I happen to know his favorite meal was beans and cornbread.  He was raised during the Great Depression, and they didn’t always have a whole lot of options for dinner.  It was simple food for poor people in simple times, but it was good times, and so he remembered them fondly when he ate such a simple meal even 75 years later.

(I referenced his love for this meal, and my effort to introduce it to my kids during our current economic collapse in a recent post.)

And so just tonight, we ate beans and cornbread for supper again.  This firmly established, white, middle-class home where we are quite accustomed to grilling out back (sometimes even a good ribeye), devouring pizza, pot roast, and not infrequently arranging takeout from the elegant Asian place, is trying to tap into that joy my grandfather would recall when he ate beans and cornbread.

(As I referenced before, I trick my small kids into enjoying it by feeding them from my plate, so they think they are eating mine. It works again!)  I tell them there will be farting later tonight, and it makes them giggle.  And then I hit the cornbread with real butter, drench the bread in bean juice, and I gotta say, it’s really good!

It’s just then that the most ironic expression comes from my mouth, almost without thinking.

I say, “Man! That’s POOR.”

And somehow it seems soooooooooooo right.

(Hope I am still liking it 7 years from now.)

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  1. harolene · April 28, 2020

    I love it! I identified with the beans every night for supper, we did it many years but we all grew up very healthy! 🙂

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